Musashi Honor of Kings Profile

Musashi Honor of Kings Profile

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) hero, Miyamoto Musashi, and here we will discuss his playstyle, skills, voice lines and more.

Miyamoto Musashi

Hero ClassFighter
Recommended LaneJungling
musashi lane position honor of kings
Team Fight PositionFlank
Crimson GolemLow Requirement
GameMid to Late Game
Damage OutputVery High

With a longsword in his left hand and a shortsword in his right, the unparalleled swordsmanship of Musashi made him an unstoppable killing machine.

While Musashi spent his days roaming the world and challenging the mighty to a battle of blades, his childhood friend Otsu met a tragic end in his hometown. Stricken with grief, Musashi sealed away his sword for three years, before picking it up again with Otsus spirits blessing. Misashi then vowed to fulfil Otsu’s wish for him to become the mightiest swordsman in the world.

Miyamoto Musashi is a fighter and assassin hero in HoK who is good at doing lots of damage while tanking equally. He can sustain solo even in the teamfight if you can use his 2nd skill well. He deals a fair amount of damage while surviving. Musashi is one of those high-skill heroes in Honor of Kings who gets fun to play once you master him. You can easily carry game 1v9 if you learn how to play it properly.

Musashi’s Skills & Abilities

Passive Skill: Niten Ichiryuu
Passive Skill: Niten Ichiryuu
Musashi gains 1 Vigor upon casting skills. While he has Vigor, his next Basic Attack gains different enhancement effects. Enhanced Basic Attacks consume 1 Vigor and are not affected by Attack Speed, and hitting an enemy with an enhanced Basic Attack reduces the cooldown of Illuminating Slash and Extreme Speed by 1s.
1 Vigor: If the target Health is above 50%, Musashi unleashes a dual-blade slash, dealing 50 (+135% Physical Attack) Physical damage. If the targets Health is below 50%, Musashi slashes forward, dealing (+100% Physical Attack)(+9% of the targets lost Health) physical damage/
2 Vigor: Musashi dashes to the target enemy and slashes them with his blades. dealing 20 (+100% Physical Attack) physical damage and slowing them by 50% for 1s.
Skill 1: Illuminating Slash
Skill 1: Illuminating Slash
Musashi swings his sword to unleash sword energy, knocking down enemy projectiles while dealing 350 (+50% Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies and slowing them by 50% for 1s.
Skill 2: Extreme Speed
Skill 2: Extreme Speed
Musashi dashes forward, dealing 180 (+40% Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in his path. If he hits an enemy, he gains a shield that negates 300 damage and reduces this skill’s cooldown by 45%.
Skill 3: Duel to the Death
Skill 3: Duel to the Death
Musashi locks onto an enemy hero and dashes toward them, dealing 350 (+70% Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies within range and launching them for 1s. Musashi then challenges the target to a Duel to the Death for 5s, during which all of the target’s restoration effects are delayed until after the duel ends.

Musashi’s Voice Lines (Dialogues)

Tenka Musou!
Let me tell you a secret: I am invincible
My path is that of the peerless samurai.
Life is an endless battle.
The tragedy of the peerless is that there is no one left to challenge.
The peerless samurai…is lost. Again.
Get in line! All who wish to challenge me!
I an undefeated, in this realm or any other.
Self-Cultivation is a journey that never ends.
I am undefeated, in this realm or any other.
If you choose your path and stick to it, you will find what you seek.
If I were not determined, I would not be worthy of my blades.
A true samurai treasures his immortal soul above his mortal heart.
I have been preparing for this moment since I first picked up the blade.
The power of the martial arts!
Who will challenge me next?
The road of the greatest is often a lonely one.
I am Miyamoto Musashi, the one who will defeat you.
State your name, challenger!
History will remember you as one who challenged me and failed.
Is this the best the Central Plains have to offer?
Life is a journey- and a long one at that!
Be at peace and return to where you belong.
Thunder is that your roar is the distance?
My promises are as reliable as my blade.
I am undefeated, in this realm or any other.

How to play Musashi?

Here are some tips and tricks you must consider to play and master Miyamoto Musashi in Honor of Kings:

  1. Musashi ultimate is the significant part of his kit as it points and clicks. So try to use it on enemy carries to burst them down quickly.
  2. Use your ultimate only if you find fewer enemies around enemy carry to peel them.
  3. Try to use your first skill in such a way that you block some crucial enemy spells like cc and burst damage spells.
  4. Practice the combos of Musashi to play him properly in ranked. You should be able to use all your combos while dodging the enemy’s crucial spell with your first skill, which requires a lot of practice.
  5. Rotate around the enemy with your 2nd skill and target the low-health enemy with ULT.
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