Beast Build Honor of Kings | A Complete Guide

Beast Build Honor of Kings | A Complete Guide

This article will guide you with the best build of Beast(Zhan Fei) in Honor of Kings(HoK), which includes his Items, Arcana, Spell, Combo & Counters.


Beast best spell in hok
If you have mastered Beast, the Stun is his best spell. However, depending on the situation, you can use the Heal spell to make him more tanky. Disrupt spell also works best on this hero. So, it all depends on your playstyle.


Here is the Special Combo attacks of Beast:

Skill 2 + Skill 1
Ult + Skill 1 + Skill 2

Item Builds

Here is the set of Honor of Kings items for the pro support build of Beast:

best build item of Beast
Crimson Shadow
+600 Max Health
+7% Movement Speed
+Useful Passives

Boots of Resistance
+110 Magical Defense
+60 Movement Speed
+35% Resistance

Ominous Premonition
+270 Physical Defense
+1200 Max Health
Reduces Enemies ability

Longnight Guardian
+360 Magical Defense
+1000 Max Health
Enhance Healing
Beast best item build in HoK
Overlord’s Platemail
+2000 Max Health
Enhance Healing

+30 Physical Attack
+360 Physical Defense
+Magical Damage

Beast is the Tankiest support hero in HoK, so you should try to build him a tankier. For this, start with Extreme Shadow because it is the ideal roaming item for Beast. But you can choose other options depending on the stat and performance you want.

Then go for boots of resistance because you need to go in a lot, and this item reduces the enemy cc. Then go for an item which gives you armor and max health to make you tankier.

Consecutively, go for magical Defense, which helps to counter mages. Then, go for the maximum health item, or you can go for magical Defense if the enemy mage is fed.

Other Useful BuildsItems Set
Best Defence Items of BeastBoots of Resistance>Ominous Premonition>Longnight Guardian>Spikemail>Overlord’s Platemail>Succubus Cloak
His Best Roaming ItemExtreme Shadow>Wings of Redemption

Arcana Build

Focusing on Tank/Support Role- Here is the Set of Honor of Kings Arcana Archive you must upgrade to strengthen the Beast Build:

Beast Arcana Build HoK
Max Health with certain%,
+Movement Speed,

Max Health with a certain%,
Cooldown Reduction

+Physical Speed,
Max Health with certain%,
+Physical Defence

Beast Counters

Zhan Fei might be tanky, but you can counter him if you can kite his ult and build some armor penetration items. Here are some heroes who can counter Beast in Honor of Kings:


Marco Polo deals True damage, and he is the best Marksman hero who can counter Beast easily in HoK.
counter hero to beast in Hok
Judge Dee
Judge Dee can reduce magical and physical defense with his Ultimate, which makes him a strong hero against the Beast.

Solarus’s late game can melt this tank if he goes the relevant item.

Luban can also kill the Beast in the late game.

Chemist deals damage over time– meaning he can counter tanks easily.
Strong hero against Beast
Lu Bu
Lu Bu deals True damage with his auto attacks and 1st skill, and he can counter Zhan Fei if played well.

Li Bai
You can also pick him against Tank due to his blink ability in the game.
Beast counter Jungler
Mirrorablade moves too fast in her ult and gains a lot of lifesteal, making it easier for her to kill the back line and gain hp from Zhan Fei.

Mischief is one of the best picks against Beast, as Mischief can kill Beast with his early-game power.

Dreambuilder is another good support pick against Beast, as she is equally tanky and can’t get cced by him.
Best Teammates(Synergies) of BeastHis Worst TeammatesHeroes Weak Against Him
1. Marco Polo,
2. Arli,
3. Solarus,
4. Lam,
5. Prince of Lanling,
6. Nakoruru
1. Ying,
2. Juniper
1. Arli,
2. Juniper,
3. Lam,
4. Monkey King,
5. Han Xin
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