Arli Build Honor of Kings | A Complete Guide

Arli Build Honor of Kings | A Complete Guide

This article will guide you with the best build of Arli (Gongsun Li) in Honor of Kings(HoK), which includes her Items, Arcana, Spell, Combo & Counters.


Arli best spell in HoK
If you have mastered Arli’s mobility, you can take Frenzy, as it is her best spell. However, if you are unknown about her skills, you must take Flash Spell.


Since Arli mostly depends on her auto attacks to do the most damage, there are not many combos for her. So try to position well, reposition with her umbrella and auto-attack as much as possible. You can try this Special Combo attack for Arli:

Skill 1+Skill2+Basic Attack 4 times+Skill 1

Items Builds

Here is the set of Honor of Kings items for the full-damage Marksman build of Arli:

Arli Build Item Hok
Boots of Dexterity
+25% AKT Speed
+Movement Speed

 Physical ATK +60
ATK Speed +30%
Physical Lifesteal +10%
Enhance Basic ATK

Eternity Blade
+110 Physical ATK
+20% CRIT Rate
best build item of Arli
+50 Physical ATK
+35% ATK Speed
+10% CRIT Rate
Enhance Basic ATK

+25% ATK Speed
+10% Crit Rate
+5% Movement Speed
Enhance Basic ATK

Succubus Cloak
+200 Magical Defense
+1000 Max Health
+100 Health/5s

Arli is easy to build as most of the items you go to are the same as you use for other Marksman in HoK. For her, try to go for the best physical damage item in the early game, as she lacks early game damage a little. Then go for boots of dexterity for attack speed or boots of resistance if the cc is high in the opponent.

Consecutively, go for crit and some attack speed items, which give you extra DPS and critical damage. Then go for more attack speed items, as Arli’s passive helps her to deal damage faster if she has good attack speed. Finally, go for physical pierce if the opponent has made a physical defense. Or you can go for a defensive item yourself if the enemy has heroes who can burst you down quickly.

Other Useful BuildsItems Sets
Arli’s Best Physical itemsEternity Blade>Shadow Ripper>Doomsday>Bloodweeper>Daybreaker>Starbreaker>Sunpool
Her Defensive itemsSuccubus Cloak>Sage’s Sanctuary

Arcana Build

Here is the Set of Honor of Kings Arcana Archive you must upgrade to strengthen the Arli Build:


+ATK Speed
+Movement Speed

Eagle Eye
+Physical ATK
+Physical Pierce
Arli Arcana build hok
+Crit Rate

Arli Counters

Gongsun Li is a mobile hero, so you need cc to counter her properly. Here are heroes who can counter Arli in Honor of Kings:

Arli counter hero
Fang can maintain distance easily when Gongsun Li comes after him.

Diaochan is strong against Arli as this mixed mage can burst this Marksman quickly.

Lam can wait out her skill1 and kill her effortlessly.

Zhao Yun
Zhao Yun’s passive helps him a lot against her.

This support hero can soak lots of damage from her.

Voidcaller has a good cc to kill Arli.
strong hero against arli in hok
Eclipse also has the best cc to kill her in the game.

Hegemon is a late-game tank, which makes him a good pick against Arli since most of Arli’s damage comes during late games.

The Peacekeeper has a good cc and damage to counter Arli in HoK

This jungler can target her with his ult if her flash is down.
Best Teammates(Synergies) of ArliHer Worst TeammatesHeroes Weak Against Her
1. Yaria,
2. Beast,
3. Timebender,
4. Little Lute,
5. Lu Bu,
6. Ata
1. Voidcaller,
2. Berseker,
3. Kai,
4. Monkey King
1. Nuwa,
2. Angela,
3. Frost,
4. Luban no. 7,
5. Judge Dee


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