Arli Honor of Kings | Gongsun Li

Arli Honor of Kings | Gongsun Li

This article includes the profile of the Honor of Kings(HoK) Marksman hero Arli(Gongsun Li), and here we will discuss her, her skills, and her play style.

Arli (Gongsun Li)

Hero ClassMarksman
Recommended LaneFarm Lane
Team Fight PositionBack Row
Crimson GolemHigh Need
SurvivalVery Low
Damage OutputVery High

Gongsun Li is a dancer in Changle District, known throughout Chang’an for her graceful movements. Her renown provides an excellent cover, allowing her to gather information while performing at various banquets reserved for the rich and famous.

As she twirls the parasol deftly between her fingers, she continues to safeguard the justice of Chang’an from behind the scenes.

Arli, also famous by another name, Gongsun Li, is a mobile marksman in HoK who is hard to play and master. She requires good positioning, game knowledge and good mechanics to thrive properly. A good Arli player moves around too much with just her skills. She is fun to play once you master it. So, if you like challenges, give her a try and master it. You need to always play around Arli’s umbrella, and you get to move around quickly while playing with her, which is the most fun part about playing with her.

Arli’s Skills & Abilities

arli passive skill Honor of kings
Passive Skill: Falling Leaves
– Arli’s Basic Attack places 1 stack of Maple on enemies for 5s, for up to 4 stacks. At max stacks, she detonates the marks, dealing 120(+35% Physical Attack)Magical Damage to the target and enemies near them and placing 1 stack of Maple on them.
– If she uses an active skill, she can use it again within 4s to teleport to the parasol’s location and retrieve it. Otherwise, she will automatically retrieve the parasol after 4s. When she doesn’t have her parasol, she gains 50 Movement Speed and the interval between her Basic Attacks is reduced by 10%.
– Every time she uses a skill or retrieves her parasol, her next Basic Attack will be enhanced. She also launches an extra Basic Attack that deals (+30% Physical Attack)Physical Damage
arli 1st skill
1st Kill: Lunar Recall
– Arli is one of the few heroes in Honor of Kings who can teleport in the target direction.
– If she is carrying her parasol, she will leave it behind at the location she teleported from.
arli 2nd skill
2nd Skill: Maple Dance
– Arli attacks nearby enemies twice, each attack dealing 200(+72% Physical Attack)Magical Damage. Using the skill also knocks down nearby enemy projectiles.
– If she is holding her parasol, it will fly in a circle around the location where she cast the skill.
arli 3rd skill
3rd Skill: Autumn Storm
– Arli deals 250(+80% Physical Attack)Magical Damage to enemies in the target direction and knocks them back.
– If she is holding her parasol, she will throw it in the same direction. Upon reaching a certain distance, the parasol will continue to fly at a slower pace.

Arli’s Voice Lines(Dialogues)

I express my yearning with a dance among the fiery red leaves!
My wishes are bound to come true one day!
Perhaps you’d understand me better if you came to watch me dance.
My dance begins when fate brings us together.
The Great Wall… Who built it? Who watches over it? Who will return from its side, when the autumn leaves fall?
Each time we part, I look forward to our renunion.
Even a stray bird has the right to be happy.
You should see the city of Chang’an when the spring flowers bloom… The joy, the beauty!
Never lose your… happiness
Each Dance should have a lively beginning, but a quiet ending
Umbrella, fly!
Maple leaves in autumn shine redder than spring flowers!
Do you have a home and someone there waiting for you?
Do you know the thrill of your first love? Obviously, you don’t.
Dancing with my idol is like a dream come true.
Let the fearful be brave, the weak be strong, and the sorrowful be filled with hope.
You must think I’m a slow learner. Well, pain is the ultimate lesson.
Chang’an City, where everyone works hard to chase their dreams.
It’s such a delight to cook with the one you love.
You’re, you’re the famous magistrate of Chang’an City? I’m a big fan of yours.
I just can’t be an onlooker to other people’s misfortune.
Sure enough, the way to your love’s heart is through their stomach.
We seem to have met before…in the dark.
We shall seek our own happiness in the vast Chang’an City.
You might be more experienced, but I’m passionate!

How to Play Arli?

Arli is hard to play hero in Honor of Kings, but if you learn to play around her passive and umbrella positioning, you will start getting good results with her. Arli’s passive allows her to mark an enemy. If she auto attacks the marked enemy, the mark will detonate and deal aoe damage.

Arli also carries an umbrella, and every time she uses her skill, she can recast her skill and move back to the place where her umbrella is. For example, if you use your first skill to dash infront of her, leave her umbrella behind. So, If you press on skill 1 again within a certain period, you go back to the umbrella location. It applies to her every skill. Arli launches an umbrella in a circle around her, which deals damage if it hits the enemy.

Arli’s Ultimate deals magical damage to the enemy while knocking them back. She is all about playing around with her umbrella and dealing as much DPS with your passive. So always keep that in mind and play accordingly.


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