Mathilda Mobile Legends | Builds, Skills, Emblem, Spell & Skins

Mathilda Mobile Legends | Builds, Skills, Emblem, Spell & Skins

This article will guide you with the best builds, Emblem Sets and Battle Spells of Mathilda in Mobile Legends(Mlbb). Also, here, you will find the Skills, Combo and Skins of Mathilda in MLBB. So, let us continue:

About Mathilda

Hero Class Support Assassin
Recommended Lane Roaming
DurabilityVery High
Control Effect Medium
Difficulty Medium
How to unlockPurchasing with 32000 Gold or 599 Diamonds
Combos for Mathilda in Mlbb
Use your 1st skill then your ultimate. This will result in the enemy taking massive damage from your ultimate as well as your 1st  skill. Then escape using the 2nd skill.
Use your 1st skill, then immediately press your 2nd skill and then target the enemy with your ultimate. Your teammate will also fly with you towards the enemy and both of you can deal massive damage.
Use your 1st skill to annoy the enemy and also your basic attack with the long-range, and escape with 2nd skill when needed.

Mathilda’s Skills & Abilities

Passive Skill: Ancestral Guidance
Passive Skill: Ancestral Guidance
Mathilda gains Ancestral Guidance while moving. When it is fully charged, her next Basic Attack will be enhanced, dealing 200(+100% Total Physical Attack)(+100% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to the target and granting her 80 extra Movement Speed that decays over 2.5s.
1st Skill: Soul Bloom
1st Skill: Soul Bloom
Mathilda resonates with the power of her ancestors for 4s, attracting wisps as her movement distance increases up to 6 wisps.

At the end of the skill’s duration, or when Mathilda casts this skill again, the wisps will seek and attack nearby enemies, each dealing 275(+80% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and revealing the enemy’s positions briefly. Subsequent damage dealt by wisps to the same target decays to 40%.
2nd Skill: Guiding Wind
2nd Skill: Guiding Wind
Mathilda leaps in the target direction and creates a field around her, gaining a 500(+180% Total Magic Power) Shiled and 25% extra Movement speed for 3s. Allied heroes who come into contact with the field will receive a 60% shield and Guiding Wind. The first allied hero that triggers Guilding Wind will be guided to Matilda, and both of them will gain the same Movement Speed boost.

When casting this skill during Circling Eagle, Mathilda won’t change her position. Guilding Wind expires 2.5s after the hero leaves Mathilda’s field.
3rd Skill: Circling Eagle
3rd Skill: Circling Eagle
Mathilda applies a soul Mark to the target enemy hero and calls around them for 3.5 seconds, during which her wisps will fly toward nearby enemies, each dealing 60(+15% Total Magic Power) Magic damage. Soul Bloom will prioritise the target with Soul Mark.

Within the duration, Mathilda can select an area to dash to. At the end of the time, she will Dash at the target with Soul Mark, dealing 320(+120% total magic power) magic damage while knocking enemies in her path airborne for 0.6s and transferring the Soul Mark to the first enemy Hero that she knocks airborne.

Mathilda gains control immunity and a 600(+160% total magic power) shield for the skill duration.

Recommended Mathilda’s Battle Spells

Since you often pick Mathilda as a support, the spell that works best on her is Aegis or Flicker.

Recommended Mathilda’s Emblem Build

As for the best emblem set for Mathilda, you must use the support emblem with agility, pull yourself together and brave smite:

Emblem Attributes & Stats
Healing Effect +12%
Cooldown Reduction +10%
Movement Speed +6%

Recommended Mathilda’s Item Builds

The build Mathilda will use consists of oracle, dominance and bruteforce breastplate as the core items. You can use thunder belt for more mana and slow also. Here is the ideal Mobile Legends(MLBB) items/equipment set for the Mathilda Support (Team Buff) build:

Items Set
Mathilda build mlbb
Tough Boots>Dominance Ice>Brute Force Breastplate>Oracle>Thunder Belt>Immortality
Total Stats of Support Build
+40 Movement Speed
+64 Magic Defense
+500 Mana
+130 Physical Defense
+5% Movement Speed
+3050 HP
+30 Physical Defense
+30% Cooldown Reduction
+10 Mana Regen
+Significant passive

Mathilda’s Skins & Cosmetics

Here is the list of all the skins of Mathilda in Mobile Legends and a brief description of the features you will get from them:

All SkinsSpecial Boost & Features
Swift Plume skin of Mathilda in Mobile Legends
Swift Plume
– Default Skin
Unrestrained Delight skin of Mathilda Mobile Legends
Unrestrained Delight
– Magica Power +8
Floral crown skin of Mathilda
Floral crown
– A fairy girl among the flowers.
– All-new display animation
– Magic power +8
– Redesign to visual effect for skills
Mathilda Dream groove skin Mobile legends
Dream Groove
– Skill factory changes
– All-new display animation
– MPL exclusive skin
– Magic power +8
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