Diggie Mobile Legends | Builds, Skills, Emblem, Spell & Skins

Diggie Mobile Legends | Builds, Skills, Emblem, Spell & Skins

This article will guide you with the best builds, Emblem Sets and Battle Spells of Diggie in Mobile Legends(Mlbb). Also, here, you will find the Skills, Combo and Skins of Diggie in MLBB. So, let us continue.

About Diggie

Hero Class Support
Recommended Lane Roaming
Durability Medium
Offense Medium
Control Effect Medium
Difficulty Medium
How to unlockBy purchasing with 24000 Gold or 599 Diamonds
Combos of Diggie in Mlbb
Place several bombs using your 1st skill in the bushes where enemies will come and receive decent damage revealing their position too.
Place your bomb using 1st skill on the enemy, and immediately use your 2nd skill so that the enemy can not run away quickly.

Diggie’s Skills & Abilities

Passive Skill: Young again
Passive Skill: Young again
Upon death, Diggie reverses time and turns back to egg form, in which he can continue to move around and gain a new set of skills. he cannot be targeted in egg form and will revive after a period of time.
1st Skill: Auto Alarm Bomb
1st Skill: Auto Alarm Bomb
He flings an owl Alarm to the target location that remains stationary for 25s or on TV react to the first enemy in range, changing them and exploding upon collision. The explosion deals 500(+100% total magic power) magic damage to enemies hit and slows them by 30%.

In addition, he gains 2 Stakes of Dangerous Sparks each time and the enemy hero is hit by the explosion (up to 60 stacks), each stack increasing the skill damage by 1%. He loses half of the stake upon death but can gain 1 Stack of dangerous Spark each time his skill hits an enemy hero when in the egg form.
2nd Skill: Reverse time
2nd Skill: Reverse time
Diggie marks the target enemy Hero for 4s and full them back to their previous location after the duration ends, dealing 150(+100% total magic power) magic damage and briefly slowing them by 80%.
If the enemy moves out of the circle the pull will triggered early.
Ultimate of Diggie Mobile Legends
3rd Skill: Time journey
Diggie removes all debuffs on early allied heroes ( including himself) and grants them a 650(+ 300% Total Magic Power) Shield and control immunity for 3s. he also gains 50% movement speed for 0.5s.

Recommended Diggie’s Battle Spells

If you want to play Diggie as a support role, the only best spell I would suggest for him is the Flicker.

Recommended Diggie’s Emblem Build

As the best Emblem set for Diggie, you should use the custom support emblem with the talents inspire, tenacity and focusing mark:

Emblem Attributes & Stats
Healing Effect +12%
Cooldown Reduction +10%
Movement Speed +6%

Recommended Diggie’s Item Builds

Diggie is often played a Tank support with items like Anti Cuirass and Athenas Shield, as he doesn’t heal allies. He will need Fleeting Time and Necklace of Durance beside the other tank items to properly function as a support. Here is the ideal Mobile Legends(MLBB) items/equipment set for the Diggie Support (Team Buff) build:

Items Set
Diggie team buff support Build
Magic Shoes>Fleeting Time>Athena’s Shield>Antique Cuirass>Immortality>Necklace of Durace
Total Stats of Support Build
+40 Movement Speed
+30% Cooldown Reduction
+130 Magic Power
+3220 HP
+63 Magic Defense
+6 HP Regen
+74 Physical Defense
+380 Mana
+Significant Passive

Diggie’s Skins & Cosmetics

Here is the list of all the skins of Diggie in Mobile Legends and a brief description of the features you will get from them:

All SkinsSpecial Boost & Features
– Default
Pigeoneer Skin
– Magic Power +8
Diggie Constellation skin Mobile Legends
– Magic-themed model
– All-new display animation
– New skill effect colours
– Magic power +8
Circus Clown Skin
Circus Clown
– Circus style
– All new display animation
– Magic power +8
– New skill effect colours
Diggie Fairytaler skin Mobile Legends
– Exclusive skill sound effects
– New display scene
– Ester-themed Model
– Easter Egg display animation
– Skill effect changes
– Magic power +8
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