Raymond The Seneschal | Ever Legion

Raymond The Seneschal is a Legendary Hero in Ever Legion who performs the Tank and control role in the game. Players can upgrade Raymond to 160 levels to strengthen his ability and talents for the battle. Raymond is the hero in Ever Legion, whom you can obtain from the Traven, and he uses the sword to slay the enemies; therefore, it is better to use him in the first lane of the battle. 

Raymond Abilities

Raymond Ability: Furious Sweep
Furious Sweep
Raymond Ultimate
Thunderous Strike

  1. Furious Sweep:- With this ability, Raymond tosses the enemy into the air, dealing 150% of physical damage and knocking them down. In every level of his furious sweep talent, his damage increases.
  2. Headstrong:- It is another ability of Raymond by which he gets additional HP with some percentage during the battle. A higher level of Headstrong heals the hero with a higher ratio. 
  3. Thunder Strike (Ultimate):- It is one of the Strongest abilities of Raymond, by which he uses his longsword to hit a fatal blow, dealing +200% damage and briefly stunning an enemy directly in front of him.

Ever Legion: Raymond The Seneschal Story 

Raised on a small farm near Arcadine, Raymond Albrecht never much took to the field. Though tall and strong, Raymond found little joy in ploughing and hoeing and dreamed of a life of adventure. When he came of age, he did what many young peasants wished to see the world: He enlisted in the Royal Army of Lutesan. 

Raymond took to the soldiering life with ease. His size and strength made him a competent fighter, and his honour soon distinguished him in battle. Raymond was known for never leaving men behind–often throwing himself into near-impossible frays to recover a fallen comrade. 

When Raymond rescued his commanding officer from a Sylvan Elf ambush, his fortunes would change forever. The officer, a distinguished noble, promoted Raymond for his bravery and nominated him for a coveted post guarding the castle of Calatia. 

At the castle, Raymond was tasked with guarding the chambers of prince Aevor of Lutesan, and the two quickly struck up a friendship. The prince, a straightforward young man, enjoyed Raymond’s condor. He was also impressed with the shrewdness of the supposedly simple guard, who easily saw through the machinations of the many flatterers who surrounded the prince. Within a year, Raymond had been promoted to an advisor to the prince and head of his household guard. 

Now Raymond stands by the prince’s side, a quiet and observant-a beacon of integrity in a royal court too often filled with cutthroat and schemers. 

Raymond Artifacts in Ever Legion

Daios’s Blessing
Tik’s Rage
Cyansel’s Nourishment

  • Daios’ Blessing:- It activates a protective shield that offsets up to 120% damage for 5 seconds when the wearer casts their ultimate skill. In addition, this Ever Legion artifact increases the shield strength.
  • Tik’s Rage:- It increases attack speed with some% for some second upon landing a crit hit. Also, boost critical damage. 
  • Cyansel’s Nourishment:- It restores the HP per second in the initial time. Also, it recovers health and increases Max HP per second. 

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