Potion of Slow falling in Minecraft: How to make it?

The potion of slow falling is one of the handiest potions in Minecraft. This potion makes the character fall slowly for a certain amount of time, eliminating fall damage. 

The Slow Falling potion becomes the most helpful item while exploring the caves, as you do not know if you are standing one layer above the lava lakes. You might fall and respawn while digging, diving into ravines, and fighting an ender dragon; however, if you have a Slowfalling spell, you can get much safety. 

Process and steps of making Minecraft Slow Falling Potion

Nether wart, Redstone dust, a water bottle, and a phantom membrane are the ingredient required to make the Slow falling potion. If you already have these resources, you can follow these steps:

Step 1

Make a brewing stand, or you can find one in the castle in the villages of plain biomes. To make this Minecraft brewing stand, you will need a blaze rod and cobblestones.

Minecraft Brewing stand

Step 2

Then place some blaze powder in the brewing stand as fuel. You can get blaze rods by killing blazes. Then you can turn blaze rods to blaze powders. 

(You can find blazes in the nether fortress in the nether.)

Making Blaze Power in Minecraft to make slow falling potion

Step 3:- Follow the following steps in order.

(A) Place a water bottle on the left-hand side, then place a nether wart on the top. Let the process complete; it will just take a little while. You can get nether wart in the nether fortress in the nether. You can also grow nether warts on soul sand. 

(B) After placing the nether wart, place a phantom membrane on the top. You can get phantom membranes by killing phantoms in Minecraft. These mobs appear at night when you have not slept for a days. So, Walk outside during the night, and they will come to attack you from the sky.

Phantom Membrane Minecraft

There, the process of making a Minecraft potion of Slow falling has been completed; You can drink this potion to get a Slow-falling effect for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Potion of Slow falling in Minecraft

Now, you can actually upgrade this to last 4 mins as well, and to upgrade the slow falling effect, you will need to place the potion of slow falling as the ingredient and put a Redstone on the top.

Finally add redstone to upgrade slow falling potion in minecraft

The effect of a slow falling spell of Minecraft will last up to 4 minutes which is a lot. 

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