Nilou Team and Weapons Build Guide: Genshin Impact

In this guide, we will build Genshin Impact Nilou with her best team comp and suitable weapons so she can become a stronger 5* character. 

Nilou is a Genshin character who deals with massive DMG by Bloom reaction. So at first, you want to use her Elemental Skill, then use her Normal attack 3 times, then Switch character, who uses Dendro Element. Then you can use her Burst at the end. Most DMG comes from Bloom, so her Talent and her Passive work.

Nilou Best Weapons Build

1) The key of khaj-Nisut is the best Genshin 5-star weapon for Nilou as it is her signature sword which is HP% as its main stats. Also, as for its sub-stats, it increases the Elemental Mastery of the party member by 0.12%, which is really good.

Nilou best 5 star weapon

2) Primordial Jade Cutter is another good 5* sword of Nilou in Genshin Impact that gives a ton of Crit Rate. As for the sub-stats, this weapon provides a 1.2% ATK Bonus depending on the character’s max HP.

3) Mistspltter Reforged is also the perfect weapon to build Nilou as its main stat is Crit Damage which gives a lot of Crit Damage, and its sub-stats give 12% Elemental DMG to all the Elemental types. And it provides a total of 28% Elemental Burst DMG Bonus which is good.

Nilou Best F2P Weapons List 

1) Xiphos’ Moonlight is a good F2P weapon for Nilou as it gives Elemental Mastery due to its Main Stats. It provides Energy Recharge to her and all the party members.

2) Favonius Sword has Energy Recharge as its main stats and will be the best 4-star sword for Nilou as the F2P build and the entire party.

Nilou best 4 star weapon

3) Sacrificial Sword can also work well with her as it has Energy Recharge as its main stats, and she can use her Elemental Skill two times due to its sub-stats.

So, those are the best weapons you can build Nilou in Genshin Impcact, so now let us move to her team comps to make her better.

Nilou Best Team composition Build 

In short, you must pair Nilou with Dendro and Hydro Characters to make her the perfect team comp in Genshin. 

Nilou Bloom Team:
Nilou Bloom team Genshin

The party members of this bloom team composition are Nilou, Nahida, Kokomi and Yelan. In this team, Nahida is the Dendro applier, Kokomi is a healer, and Yelan is an Off Field support. 

Nilou best F2P Team:
Nilou F2p team comp in genshin Impact

The party member of this F2P team in Genshin Impact is Nilou, Barbara, Kokomifan and Collie. In this team, Collei and Dendro Traveler are the Dendro applier, and Barbara is a healer and Hydro applier.

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