LoL Wild Rift Yone Build: Best Runes, Items, Spells, Counters

Yone is a champion in LoL Wild Rift that you can play either in the baron or mid lane. He is a very similar to his brother yauso; both are fun and become super strong in the right hands. 

Yone is one of those champions that is hard to play at first, but once you master him, it will become easy and worth the patience. He is a fun champion as he has zeds ultimate in his third ability, which has a 20-sec cooldown.

Yone’s Combo: How to play him?

Yone’s third ability works like Zed’s ultimate, and your playing strategy depends upon it. Using this ability, all the damage you deal in the next 5 seconds adds up, and you do 40% of the damage you did during your third ability. So any combo of the Yone in the Wild Rift starts with his third ability. 

Before you use your third ability, stack your first ability so it is two stacks and you’ve the knockup ready. So, begin with the third ability and knock them up using your first ability, and use your second ability, which grants you a shield that gives you durability. You can also start the fight with your ultimate, followed by your knock-up into your second ability. And hit them with your auto attacks and stack as much damage as you can.

Crystal Rose Yone skin

Moreover, you can also make your champ Yone more energetic by getting his skin Crystal Rose Yone. 

All About the Best Build of Yone in LoL Wild Rift

Yone’s Counters and Weakness 

Although one is like yauso, he doesn’t have many dashes that he can use to get out of sticky situations. So, lack of mobility is one of Yone’s weaknesses in LoL Wild Rift.

Another weakness of Yone is his early game; he is a scaling late-game champion who gets bullied by early-game mid-laners. So be sure to play super safe in the early game and get items and scale up. 

If you pick yone mid and non of your teammates have any ability power, then the enemy team will stack armor to counter Yone and the entire team. So make sure not to pick yone when your team have no magic damage.

In addition, the champions like Ahri, Zed, Fizz, and Akshan are the best counter of Yone in Wild rift.

Best Spells of Yone in LoL Wild Rift

Flash and ignite are the correct spells to build Yone, as it gives you extra kill pressure and reduced healing. You can also pick flash and barrier or flash and exhaust against heavy damage team comps.

Best Items of Yone

Yone's Build Items in Wild Rift

You should consider the proper items to build champs in LoL Wild Rift, and here are the best items you should pick for Yone.

The best item build on yone is statikk shiv as he has a similar passive as yauso where any crict on you will be doubled. You can also play phantom dancer on yone for the extra shield and durability instead of a statikk shiv. 

Yone’s next item is infinity edge for the extra damage, followed by item protobelt enchant boots and blade of ruined king for the attack speed and life steal.

Best Runes of Yone

Yone’s best rune in LoL Wild Rift is lethal tempo for the attack speed, ravenous hunter for the healing, oblivion orb for the extra shield and durability. Also, you can pick sweet tooth rune for Yone for the extra sustain in lane.

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