LoL Wild Rift Gwen Build: Best Spells, Items, Runes, Counters.

Gwen is a new champion in LoL Wild Rift, whom you can play in the jungle and baron lane. She is a best champion at dueling and fighting in long fights due to the way she is designed. 

Gwen might not perform well in the early game, but the longer the game goes on, the stronger she becomes. She is also a nuisance to play against when you use a ranged champion, as her second ability can counter all ranged champions. 

Also, during the late game, she can easily run you down with her ultimate, which does tons of damage and slows. Moreover, this champ is very mobile and has lots of dashes, which can be annoying to deal with. 

However, don’t try and play Gwen aggressively in the early game, and farm safely and wait for the late game.

Gwen Combo: How to play Her? 

Gwen’s combo in Wild Rift is pretty complicated; firstly, start off by stacking your passive by auto-attacking anything four times. This can help you to get the maximum attack speed and extra damage.

Then you use your third ability to dash into targets while using your ultimate to slow the enemies. Also, use your second ability so the enemies can not damage you while standing outside your zone.

Then you just run them down consecutively and reset your dash by autoing the enemy. If you remember all these combos of the Gwen, you can play her like a pro. 

All About the Gwen Build in LoL Wild Rift

Gwen Build Items Wild Rift

Weakness and counter of Gwen

As mentioned above, the biggest weakness of Gwen in Wild Rift is her early game; she can easily get bullied out of lane and lose almost all the matches up she is in. 

Also, another flaw Gwen has is that she is weak against full melee champs enemy team. Her second ability blocks all ranged attacks, but she can’t block damage if the enemy teams are melee. In addition, heavy stuns and cc team, who can stop Gwen from dashing around nonstop, can kill her easily.

The best counter champion of Gwen in Wild Rift are Yone, Yukong, Irelia and Camille, and Gwen is weak against the champs like Kayle, Kennen, Akshan and Sett.

Gwen’s Best Spells in Wild Rift

If you are playing Gwen in the jungle, you play her with Ghost and Smite spells, and if not, take Ghost and Ignite for the baron lane. You do not really need flash spell for Gwen as she is one of those champions that does not require flash as she has many dashes.

Gwen’s Best Item build in LoL Wild Rift

The first best item build on Gwen is always nashor’s tooth since she is a very auto-attack-reliant champion. After that, your second item will be a rift maker for the extra damage, followed by a rabadoons deathcap to increase ability damage. Moreover, pick rylais crystal for the extra slow and morellos as your final Gwen’s item for reduced healing.

Best Runes of Gwen 

Conquerer is one of the best rune on Gwen in Lol Wild Rift, as she can easily fully stack this rune. Her second time will be gathering storm for the late-game scaling rune. Similarly, hunter titan is another perfect rune of Gwen for the tenacity against stuns and cc. Finally, her last rune is master Mind for the extra damage in the jungle for better jungling in Wild Rift.

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