Lee sin Wild rift: Best Item build, Spells, Runes, Counters

Lee sin is one of the most iconic and well-known junglers in Lol Wild Rift. He has been dominating the jungle ever since his release in the game. He is a very dominant early-game Jungler that can snowball the game and his lead.

However, even though Lee sin is a powerful early-game champ, he falls off super hard in the late game, and all he can provide is his kick. So be sure to get all the early game objectives and try and get your teammates ahead so they can carry you in the late game.

Lee sin is the best WR champ when played in the right hand since it requires you to know when to Gank, how to path in the jungle and create map pressure etc. Moreover, Muay Thai Lee Sin, Lee’s best skin, will provide you with a next-level gaming experience.

Muay Thai Lee Sin

How to play Lee Sin with his best Combo?

Lee sin is a straightforward champion with a simple combo. First, land your first ability, followed by your second ability for the extra shield and healing, followed by your third ability for extra slow and ultimate for more damage.

You can also hit an enemy with your first and second abilities to dash and ult the enemy and use your first ability again to gap close for maximum damage. So, this is how you can master Lee Sin to dominate the battle.

All About LoL Wild Rift Lee Sin

Weakness and Counters of Lee Sin

As mentioned above, one of Lee Sin’s major weaknesses is his late game. Unlike other champions, he does not scale well into the late game. You can counter this by Ganking your teammates and getting the first dragon’s first tower.

Another flaw of Lee’s sin is enemy teams with tons of crowd control which can stop him from dashing nonstop and kill him. So for this reach, you build tenacity in him.

The Wild Rift champions who can counter Lee Sin are Dr Mundo and Rammus, and he is strong against Graves and Rengar.

Lee Sin’s Best Spells in Wild Rift

Best Spells of Lee Sin in Wild Rift

You should always take flash and smite spells for Lee Sin; no other is worth taking for him. The more you play him with these spells, the quicker you can master the Lee.

Best Item Build of Lee Sin in Wild Rift

Lee Sin's Best Items

The first item build of Lee sin is a ghost blade which provides him with everything he needs in the early game. (Extra damage, movement speed for extra map presence and cooldown).

Lee Sin’s second item build will be tri force as it is a well-rounded item, and the next will be protobelt enchant boots for extra mobility.

Guardian angle will be Lee’s fourth item in Wild Rift for the extra durability and security, followed by a mortal reminder for the armor penetration and reduced healing. His last item will be sterak’s gage for the additional health and shield.

Lee Sin’s Best Runes

Lee Sin's Runes in LoL WR

If the enemy team has many squishy champions, electrocute is the best rune for Lee Sin in Wild Rift. If the enemy teams have lots of semi-tanks and tanks, you can go conquerer. This will make it easier to kill them.

Lee’s next rune will be brutal for the extra early-game damage and hunter titan for the extra tenacity. The last rune will be a nimbus cloak for extra movement speed.

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