Judge Dee Honor of Kings | A Complete Build Guide

This article will guide you with the Best build of Judge Dee(Di Renjie) in Honor of Kings(HoK), including his best item/equipment, Arcana, Combos, Counters, Spells and tips to master him.

Judge Dee(Di Renjie)

Hero ClassMarksman
Recommended LaneFarm Lane
Team Fight PositionBack Row
Damage OutputVery High

Judge Dee is a Marksman with insane damage early game, purify, which removes debuffs and grants invincibility for some time in his skill and a cc too. He is one of the fun-to-play heroes in HoK, as you need a good reaction to time his second skill to remove debuffs from him. His stun, which reduces the enemy’s physical and magical defence, is also very useful during a team fight. Also, Dee can stun the tank, and if he gets a good follow-up tank will also die very quickly.  

Judge Dee Skills:


Passive Skill: Swift Justice
Gain a Stack of Swift Justice for each attack cast and increase his attack speed and movement speed.
Attacks with Red or Blue Token Randomly

Skill 1: Respect the Law
+22% Physical Attack
165 Physical Damage
110 Magical Damage
Reduce the Movement speed of the enemy.
Blue Token Deals 50% of Red Token DMG

Skill 2: Legal Immunity
Tosses 8 tokens in a circle around him, removing all debuffs from himself, briefly gaining invincibility, and boosting movement speed by 25%

Skill 3: Imperial Order
300 Physical DMG
+60% Magical attack
+120% Extra Physical Attack
Reduce physical and magical defence of target by 50%
A teammate gains 10% movement speed

How to Play Judge Dee in HoK? His PlayStyle

Judge Dee, Di Renjie, is pretty easy to play the hero in Honor of Kings, but you need a better understanding to master him properly. His skill 1 deals good damage in the early game. He also has pretty good damage through his auto attacks. 

  1. So try to trade with your auto attacks and land your 1st skill properly to win the trade in the early game. 
  2. Your second skill is the main part of your kit. It can remove every debuff, such as stun which will be very useful if the enemy has cc, which can catch you off guard. But, you must have good reflexes to time his second skill to avoid the cc. Therefore, always be aware of enemy cc and press 2nd skill immediately after you see some cc coming at you. It is hard, but it will start getting easy with some practice. 
  3. It is a skill shot for the ult, and you must predict the enemy’s movement to land it. You can ult the enemy assassin coming at you to stun them so that your team can peel for you while the Assassin is stunned. 
  4. You can also use the ult of Di Renjie to engage in team fights if you can land it in enemy carry. 
  5. You can also ult tanks as your ult reduces physical and magical defence, and it will be pretty easy for your team to kill them. 
  6. Judge Dee is easy to play, and with a good understanding of the game, you can use his carry potential to the max. 
Judge Dee Combos:
  • Here is the Main Combo of Judge Dee(Di Renjie) in HoK: Ult+Skill1+Skill2

Dee relies on his auto attacks to do the most damage, so try to position well and auto-attack as much as possible.

Judge Dee(Di Renjie) Items Build

For the best Honor of Kings Judge Dee build, go for boots of dexterity as the first item for extra attack speed. You don’t need boots of resistance if you can make enemy cc useless with your 2nd skill. Then go for extra physical attack and attack speed to capitalize on your early game damage. Then go for the crit item, which will boost your physical attack even more. If there are many tanks in the enemy, pick the equipment which gives you physical pierce. If not, go for other physical damage items. 

You can also build Judge Dee(Di Renjie) Defensive with the best HoK equipment like Ominous Premonition, Longnight Guardian and Sage’s Sanctuary. Similarly, Physical items such as Axe of Torment, Shadow Ripper, Doomsday, Daybreaker, Sunchaser and Mortal Punisher can build Judge Dee a tank.  

Overall, here is the perfect build for Judge Dee in most situations, but you need to go for items accordingly by looking at the enemy draft:

Best Build item of Judge Dee

Boots of Dexterity+60 Movement Speed
+25% Attack Speed
Doomsday+60 Physical Attack
+30 Attack Speed
+10 Physical Lifesteal
+Additional Physical damage equal to 8% of the target’s current HP
Eternity Blade+110 Physical Attack
+20% Critical Rate
Gain additional Crit DMG 
Daybreaker+50 Physical Attack
+35% Attack Speed
+10% Crit Rate
Physical Pierce
Additional DMG
Ominous Premonition+270 Physical Defense
+1200 Max Health
+Attack Speed 
+Movement Speed
Longnight Guardian+360 Magical Defense
+1000 Max Health
Recover Health

Judge Dee Arcana and Spells

Judge Best Arcana Archive in Honor of Kings

For the best Arcana of Judge Dee in Honor of Kings, go for the hunter, eagle eye and calamity, which will give you extra movement speed, attack speed, physical attack, physical pierce and critical rate. You can go to other arcana builds that boost your overall early-game damage.

Judge Dee Best Spell in honor of Kings


For the best spells of Judge Dee in HoK, always go for flash, as you lack mobility in your kit and need to get out of the dangerous situation quickly. You don’t need to purify the spell even if the enemy has CC, as you have a skill which removes all the debuffs. 

Judge Dee Counters:

Judge Dee is pretty easy to counter if you play with some patience, as he lacks mobility in his kit, which is his weakness. Wait for him to use his ult and 2nd skill, and then you can go all in on him. Always try to pick a mobile hero against Judge, which has at least two dashes in skill. 

Here are the best HoK heroes who can counter/Kill Judge Dee(Di Renjie):

 Marco PoloJudge Dee is weak against Marco Polo in lane without using auto attack.
NuwaNuwa has a lot of range and pokes out Judge Dee easily.
Luban no. 7Luban can always stay out of his ult range and deals damage more than him late game from the backline.
LamHe goes all in on Judge Dee after he uses his ult and flash.
Prince of LanlingCan one-shot Judge Dee late game if he positions slightly badly.
Heroes weak against:

Judge Dee is Strong against and can counter these heroes in Honor of Kings:

  1. Voidcaller,
  2. Solarus
  3. Angela, 
  4. Peacekeeper 
  5. and Berserker
Best/Worst Heroes to play within the same team:

Here are the best and worst teammates of Judge Dee in the game:

Best HeroesWorst Heroes
Voidcaller, Beast, Yaria, Wukong, Prince of LanlingGuitarist, Timebender 

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