How to get more gold in Honor of Kings?

Honor of kings offers a lot of heroes in the game, which we can buy with gold earned after we complete the game or missions. Having more heroes means you can enjoy the game even more and have the flexibility to play other roles. Having a lot of gold means you can buy the hero you like, and everyone knows how fun it is to try new characters in the game and learn about them.

So, Here are 5 Best ways to earn more gold coins in HoK:

1. Double experience and gold card

Double experience and a gold card is the most important item in HOK from which you can get gold. So, always check if there is a Double gold card in your inventory if you are low on gold because it helps you earn a lot. You can collect double experience or gold cards from different new events which are going on and might come in future.

Many people collect the double gold card but forget to use it because there are so many items in inventory that it goes unseen. So look for it and always use it before going into the match.

2. Participate in events

Honor of kings has just been released, and it is full of events, so check the events, complete the task there and farm enough gold coins. Events not only offer you gold, but it also gives arcana fragments, diamonds and even some free heroes. I have collected many heroes while ranking up and completing the task from the event. I have almost all the heroes of the role I play and you can get it too.

3. Ranked games

Compared to other modes, the ranked game gives you more gold, so play them if possible, and while you are on it, try completing tasks from events as well which helps you earn extra gold. The ranked mode gives you gold based on your overall performance, so try to get MVP if you can. Also, the more you rank up, the more gold you will farm in HoK for climbing each division to learn the game and start your ranked journey.

4. Play other game modes

Ranked games might be stressful and too much to try hard for casual players who are trying to enjoy the game. So try other game modes like normal 5v5 mode, quick 5v5 mode, 5v5 infinite brawl or 1v1 mode to obtain free gold in Honor of kings. These modes also grant you gold after completing the match, and you can also complete event tasks from here.

5. Complete daily missions

Way to get gold in Honor of Kings

Completing a daily mission is a ritual of every game. HoK also offers daily missions from where you can collect enough gold. If you have a busy day sometimes, you can log in and complete your daily mission by playing 2-3 games, and you are done. You get good enough gold just from that.

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