Honor of Kings Luban No.7 Build | Arcana, Spell, Combo, Counter

This guide is about the best item and Arcana build of Luban No.7 in Honor of Kings(HoK), including his best Combos, Counters, Spells, and how to play him properly. So, let us begin.

Luban No 7 Honor of kings

HoK Luban No.7

Hero ClassMarksman
Recommended LaneFarm Lane
Team Fight PositionBack Row
SurvivabilityVery Low
Damage Output:Very High
Mastering DifficultyMedium

Luban no. 7 is one of the high burst damage-dealing heroes in HoK who can carry late game easily if the team peel for him and save him from an enemy assassin. Luban has a lot of damage if you play around with his passive. This puppet can one-shot you as marks if he lands his skills and is passive properly. Luban has it all, but he lacks mobility in his kit, which is essential for Marksmen, especially in the current meta. 

Luban No.7 Skills


Passive Skill: Suppressive Fire
For every 5 Basic attacks or every time he uses a skill, the next attack enhances, dealing continuous pierce damage.
+6% Physical DMG
+50% Physical attack

Skill 1: Blowfish Grenade
Cooldown: 7s
Crowd Control + DMG
Throws a bomb at the target area, dealing DMG and slowing all enemies hit.
450 Physical DMG
+75% Physical Attack
Reduce the Movement Speed of Enemies 
Gain Vision of targets hit by a grenade

Skill 2: Shark Cannon
Cooldown: 15s
Crowd Control + DMG
5% Magical Damage
+70% Physical DMG
Launch Rocket and deals damage to enemies in range upon exploding on enemy heroes

Skill 3: Air Support
Cooldown: 40s
Crowd Control + DMG
Bombards the target location, slowing and dealing damage to knocked-back enemies while gaining a vision of the area.
+75% Physical Attack
Reduce the Movement Speed of Enemies
500 Physical Damage

Luban No.7 Playstyle and Strategies:

Number 7 depends heavily on his passive to deal damage, so you need to play around his passive to deal continuous pierce damage. 

  1. Try to hit your first skill, then basic attack, then second skill, then basic attack, then ult, then basic attack, which does the max damage if you do it exactly. 
  2. His ideal playstyle is harassing in the lane by poking with the first and second skill with the passive. 
  3. The laning phase is pretty easy with Luban No.7 in HoK, as he has a rage and damage advantage over most of the Marksmen
  4. But the hard part for him comes after the laning phase because he lacks mobility. It makes him an easy target for enemy assassins or fighters. 
  5. His second skill is crucial in these situations because he can knock back the closest target near him with his second skill. 
  6. He can also slow the enemy with his first skill, which will be very useful for spacing in the game
  7. Luban’s ult is very important too for him as it bombards an area. The enemies inside that area will be slowed and take damage while also gaining vision. So always use it as soon as the team fight starts to win.   
Luban No.7 Combo:
  • The Main Combo of Luban No.7 in Honor of Kings is:- Ultimate + Auto Attack + Skill 1 + Auto attack + Skill 2 + Auto Attack. 

He deals most of his damage through auto attack and passive, so try to play around with that. Get good positioning and auto-attack as much as you can.

Luban No.7 Items Build 

Luban has good damage early due to his passive, so try to go for an attack speed item to proc his passive faster. Then go for an attack damage or life steal item to build Luban with Physical DMG in HoK. You can also pick a crit item if the enemy has many squishies. 

Since Luban No.7 in Honor of Kings has low survivability, you must build him to deal with the tank, so pick armour penetration, DMG or Crit items. At last, use Sage’s Sanctuary for Luban, as you need both physical and magical defence after you build your damaged items. Going for good items/equipment is best in a team fight as your passive deals aoe damage. 

You should pick items/equipment according to enemy team comp, but these are the ideal HoK items of Luban Number 7 build in every situation:

Sage’s Sanctuary: Best item of Luban No7 in Honor of Kings

Boots of Dexterity+60 Movement Speed
+25% Attack Speed
SparkForged Dagger+35% Attack Speed
+8% Movement Speed
40-420 Extra Magical Damage
Eternity Blade+110 Physical Attack
+20% Critical Rate
Gain additional Crit DMG 
BloodSweeper+100 Physical Attack
+25% Physical Lifesteal
+500 Max Health
Recover health
DayBreaker+50 Physical Attack
+35% Attack Speed
+10% Crit Rate
Physical Pierce
Additional DMG
Sage’s Sanctuary+140 Physical Defense
+140 Magical Defense
Revive and Restore Health
Luban No7 Best Physical item:Luban No7 Defensive build item
Sparkforged Dagger, Eternity Blade, Axe of Torment, Shadow Ripper, Bloodweeper, Daybreaker, Mortal PunisherSage’s Sanctuary, Longnight Guardian

Luban No.7 Arcana

For the best Arcana of Luban no.7 in HoK, always go for Arcana which gives you physical lifesteal, physical attack, physical pierce and Critical Rate. It helps your early game to be stronger, and you can deal extra damage in the lane, increasing your chance to win the lane. So these are the ideal Honor of Kings arcana build of Luban No.7 Hero:

Best Arcana Build of Luban No7 in Honor of Kings

Arcana ItemsStat
Reaver+ Physical Lifesteal 
Eagle Eye+ Physical Attack and Pierce
Calamity+Crit Rate

Luban No.7 Spell

Luban No7 Best Spell in Honor of Kings

Flash is always the best HoK spell for Luban, as he doesn’t have mobility in his kit and would be the main target of enemy assassins and fighters in every fight. So Flash will help you get out of danger quickly. 

Luban No. 7 Counters:

Luban is the easiest hero to counter because he lacks mobility in his kit. You will constantly need peeling for him, which is hard to expect in a solo queue. To counter Luban no7 in HOK, you need to focus his flash is used or not and his second skill if you are a gap-closing hero. If you see him use both, just go all in on him and kill. Luban deals with lots of physical pierce damage, so don’t stack armor in your build instead for items which give you hp. 

Here are some best heroes who can counter Luban no.7 in Honor of Kings:


Beast can stack hp items and CC him, which gives their team enough time to kill Luban.
EclipseEclipse can flash and CC and even kill him if Luban is half hp.
Prince of LanlingLanling can go all in if Luban uses his flash to one-shot him.
LamLam has good mobility, so if he has enough gold, even flashing would not help him from Lam.
AtaLuban No7 is weak against Ata as Ata can use ult behind Luban and make him stuck. 
Heroes weak against:

Luban No.7 is Strong against and counters these heroes:

  1. Arli, 
  2. Lady Sun
  3. Judge Dee, 
  4. Solarus , Hou Yi
  5. and Chemist
Best/Worst Heroes to Pick in the same team:

Here are the best and worst teammates of Luban No.7:

Best heroesWorst Heroes
Yaria, Beast and DreambuilderEclipse, Diaochan, Han Xin, Peacekeeper and Monkey King

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