Honor of Kings Juniper (Consort Yu) | A Complete Build Guide

This guide is about the pro build of Juniper(Consort Yu) in Honor of Kings, which includes her best Items, Arcana, Spells, Skills, Counters, Combos and Playstyle. So, let us continue to build her.

Juniper Hero in Honor of Kings

Juniper(Consort Yu)

Hero ClassMarksman
Recommended LaneFarm Lane
Team Fight PositionBack Row
Damage OutputHigh

Juniper, Consort Yu, is a girl at one with the forces of nature, brave and beautiful. Every bolt from her crossbows radiates the blessing of the forest. Acting upon her mentor’s orders, she embarked on a journey to explore the world around her. And in the process, she fell in love with the heroic Xiang Yu.

However, she was warned by her senior, Zhang Liang, that the person she had fallen in love with was the dark master from the prophecies. Brokenhearted and resigned to her fate, Consort Yu sent one of her bolts piercing through her lover’s heart. Tragically, it was only after the deed was done that the illusion shattered, and she realized that the person she had spoken to was not Zhang Liang, but someone disguised as him.

Juniper is a Marksman in HoK who can literally dodge the auto attacks for a certain period during her 2nd skill. She is the most fun-to-play hero as she counters most heroes with her physical attacks. Also, she is a good hero for the early game as her 1st skill deals a lot of damage. It is easy to play Juniper, but you need to know when to use your skills.

Juniper Skills & Abilities

Passive Skill: Blessing of the Dryads
Passive Skill: Blessing of the Dryads
– Extra shot deals 100 DMG
– +20 Physical Attack
– Reduce the Movement speed of enemies
Skill 1: Oak Bolt
Skill 1: Oak Bolt
– CD: 5s
– Mana Cost: 50
– Deal 365 Physical Damage
– +200% Physical Attack
– Reduce Damage to enemies
Skill 2: Protecting Winds
Skill 2: Protecting Winds
– CD: 12s
– Mana Cost: 80
– +Movement Speed by 30%
– Invulnerable to physical attack
+ Attack Speed by 20%
Skill 3: Vaulting Shot
Skill 3: Vaulting Shot
– CD: 20s
– Mana Cost: 100
– Reduce the Movement Speed of the Opponent with her Crowd Control
– Deal 180 Physical Damage
– +85% Physical Attack
– +Attack Speed by 30% for 4s

How to Play Her? Strategy Guide 

Juniper is a massively Strong early game hero, as she can deal lots of damage with her 1st skill, dodge any physical damage with her 2nd skill and stun with her 3rd skill. Here are some strategic ways to master Juniper in Honor of Kings to get the maximum performance out of her and counter Hard opponents:

  1. Try to land her 1st skill to trade in the lane, and if the enemy is low enough, try to all in by using your 2nd skill, which will dodge all their damage, then use your ult to finish them off. 
  2. She is a good hero against physical damage-dealing assassins, so try to pick her if there is one in the opponent. 
  3. You should save your 2nd skill during the late game so that when the assassin jumps on you, you can easily dodge their burst damage. 
  4. Although she counters physical damage-dealing assassins, she is highly vulnerable to magical damage-dealing assassins. Therefore, if there are assassins in the opponent, build some magic defence for Juniper during the late game. 
  5. Juniper also lacks mobility, so save your flash for the objective fight to survive the danger quickly. 
Juniper Combo

Since Juniper is a marksman and her main damage output comes from her auto attacks and skill 1, try to position her properly to land skill 1 and auto-attack as much as possible.

Juniper(Consort Yu) Items/Equipments Build

Go for Boots of Dexterity as the first best equipment for Juniper build to boost up attack speed early game. If the enemy has lots of CC, go for boots of resistance. Then go for items that give you physical damage and can boost up your early-game damage. Then go for crit damage so that it boosts your damage even more, and if the enemy has lots of armor, go for physical pierce. 

You already have 2nd skill to block the physical damage, but you are weak to magic damage. Magic defence also works well on the build of Juniper if the enemy has lots of magic damage. Overall, here is the Ideal Juniper build to use in the most situation in Honor of Kings: 

Boots of dexterity Honor of Kings
Axe of Torment Honor of Kings
Eternity Blade Honor of Kings

Boots of dexterity+60 Movement Speed
+25% Attack Speed
Axe of Torment+85 Physical Attack
+15% Cooldown Reduction
+500 Max Health
Eternity Blade+110 Physical Attack
+20% Critical Rate
Gain additional Crit DMG 
Daybreaker+50 Physical Attack
+35% Attack Speed
+10% Crit Rate
Physical Pierce
Additional DMG
Bloodweeper+100 Physical Attack
+25% Physical Lifesteal
+500 Max Health
Recover health
Succubus Cloak +200 Magical Defence
+1000 Max Health
+100 Health/5s
Get Magical Damage absorbing shield

Moreover, the best Physical items of Juniper (Consort Yu) are:- Axe of Torment, Eternity Blade, Shadow Ripper, Doomsday, Daybreaker, and Mortal Punisher. Similarly, the best Defence items to build Juniper defensive in HoK are:- Succubus Cloak and Sage’s Sanctuary.

Juniper Arcana:

The best Honor of Kings(HoK) Arcana to build Juniper are Hunter, Eagle Eye and Calamity, as this archive gives you movement speed, attack speed, physical attack, physical pierce and the critical rate, which will boost your early game power even more. And it will also help your late-game stats to boost up a little.

Juniper Arcana

Arcana ArchivesStats
Hunter+Attack Speed,
+Movement Speed
Eagle Eye+Physical Attack,
+Physical Pierce
Calamity+Crit Rate

Juniper Spell:

Juniper Spell

Flash is the best spell for Juniper in HoK, as she lacks mobility and needs to escape danger quickly. Use your second skill first if the physical damage-dealing assassin is coming, and use your flash, which gives your team enough time to kill the enemy Assassin.

Juniper Counters

Juniper, Consort Yu, is pretty easy to kill as she lacks mobility in her kit. Although she counters physical damage-dealing assassins, it is pretty easy to bait out her 2nd skill and go all in on her. A good assassin player always waits for the important skill of marksman to be used and goes all in, so you should also do that for her. If you have flash, go all in her. But if you don’t, wait for her to see her flash and move on. Here are some best heroes in Honor of Kings who can counter Juniper easily:

Juniper counter hero honor of kings
Angela can easily stun and one-shot Juniper.

Voidcaller can hook her and stun her when she goes in for the ult, and it is easy for Voidcaller to wait out her 2nd skill.

Juniper is weak against Frost because he can deal magic damage on Juniper while she is using her 2nd skill.

Nuwa has enough range deal damage on Juniper even if she is on 2nd skill.
Honor of kings juniper counter
DiaoChan is a mage and assassin, so she is one of the best heroes to counter Juniper in HoK. 
Heroes weak against JuniperBest Teammates of JuniperWorst Teammates of Juniper
1. Prince of Lanling, 
2. Marco Polo
3. Lam, 
4. Solarus
5. Wukong
1. Peacekeeper,
2. Seafarer,
3. Voidcaller,
4. Beast,
5. Yaria
1. Little Lute,
2. Zhao Yun,
3. Monkey King

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