Honor of Kings Fang Build | Arcana, Spell, Counter & Combos

Fang is a marksman character in the game who can deal good damage if he can land his 1st skill and hit the target continuously. Fang not only deals damage but has mobility and is slow in his kit. His good player can deal massive amounts of damage without being targeted in team fights. This article will guide you with the best Build and Arcana of Fang(Private Ear), including him suitable spells, counters, combos, skills and playstyle in Honor of Kings(HoK).

Fang(Private Ear) Skills:

Passive Fang passive skill– His big ear allows him to sense nearby movement and pick up the trail of enemy heroes, gaining their vision for 1s.
– Identify monster weak spots, letting him deal 10% extra true damage to monsters.
Skill 1: Target Sighted Fang targated sighted skill– Marks an enemy with a dark mark that explodes after 4s, dealing 80 physical damage.
+65% Physical damage
+ 40% attack speed
– Increase attack range
Skill 2: Wheel Away Fang skill 2
– Become untargatable
– 200 Physical damage
+50% Physical Attack
+ Movement speed
Skill 3: Bladestrom fang skill 3
– He throws the blade in the target direction, triggering a blade storm for 5.4s, dealing 215 physical DMG.
+ 75% physical attack
– Slows the enemy

How to play Fang? 

Private Ear Fang is the best hero in Honor of Kings if you manage to use his combo and land 4 basic attacks to stack after marking the enemy target with 1st skill. His most damage output comes from his first skill. 

  1. Try to use your first skill on the enemy while laning, 
  2. Try to land as many basic attacks as possible,
  3. Try not to get hit. 
  4. Your 2nd skill is the most significant part of your kit, as it helps a lot in escaping enemy assassins who try to kill you. Therefore, Always save your 2nd skill to Escape and save your Flash ability for a crucial fight before the objective. 
  5. If you can play Private Ear Fang properly by utilizing his 2nd skill, you can hardly carry any games in Honor of Kings. Use your ult in teamfights to slow the engagers. You can also use your ult to slow down the enemies who are chasing you.
Fang Combos:
  1. Main Combo: 2nd skill+1st skill+ult+x4 basic attacks

That is the only combo of Fang in HoK because most of his damage comes from his auto attacks and proper use of skills 1 and 2. So try to get good positioning and auto-attack as much as possible, and use your skill 2 to position yourself properly.

Fang Counter:

Fang is harder to counter than other Marksmen heroes in HoK because of his insane mobility and burst damage through his 1st skill. But if you build the best Honor of Kings items/equipment for his burst attack damage, you can counter Fang, The Private Ear, effortlessly. And always try to bait his second skill before engaging with him. If you just engage him blindly and he uses his 2nd skill, you can easily get killed by him. 

Here are some HOK heroes who can counter Fang: 

Counter HeroesHow?
Judge DeeJudge Dee can purify the mark of her skill 1, which denies all the burst damage from her, making him the strong hero pick against Fang.
BeastBeast has so much shield on his ult, and he can negate the burst damage of Fang’s 1st skill and peel his team from him.
KaiKai can just go all in on Fang after he uses his second skill and kill him with his fast movement speed and massive burst damage.
Prince of LanlingFang cannot even proc her full stack of skill1 against Lanling because he can quickly burst marksman. Laning needs to wait for his second skill of Fang to counter him.
FrostSometimes Fang goes all in on squishy champs to burst them down, but it is tough for him to go in and do anything because of Fang. 
Best/Worst Heroes to play with Fang in the same team:

Here are some best/worst heroes to play with Fang as a teammate so that you can pick accordingly:

Best TeammateWorst Teammate
Voidcaller, Beast, Yaria. Mischief and ChemistLu Bu, Ata, Seafarer, Ying and Little Lute
Heroes weak against Fang:

Fang Private Ear is Strong against these heroes in HoK:

  1. Timebender
  2. Marco Polo
  3. Solarus
  4. Arli
  5. Monkey King

Fang(Private Ear) Build:

Fang is weak in the early game, so try to go for attack damage items, attack speed and crit items later. After you go for attack damage and attack speed item, look at the enemy comp, and if they have a tank, build Fang in HoK with physical pierce. If the opponent has hp stacking heroes, go for equipment which does hp% damage for Fang. 

This would be the best Honor of Kings Build of Fang(Private Ear) in any situation, but items always depend upon enemy team comp:

best build item of Fang in honor of kings
Honor of kings equipment for fang

  • Boots of Dexterity> Sparkforged Dagger>Eternity Blade> Bloodweeper> Daybreaker>Sage’s Sanctuary

Fang Best Arcana Archive and Spell

Best Arcana and spell of Fang in honor of kings

  • Hunter+Eagle Eye+ Mutation

For the best arcana of Fang(Private Ear) in HoK, go for the hunter, eagle eye and mutation, which gives you movement speed, attack speed, physical attack and physical pierce. This arcana archive will grant you early-game survivability and boost your late-game damage.

Flash would always be the ideal spell for a marksman like Fang. With Flash and his second skill, Fang has insane mobility and can survive danger quickly. 

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