Honor of Kings Arthur | A Complete Ideal Build Guide

This article will guide you with the Ideal Items and Arcana build of Arthur in Honor of Kings(HoK), including his best Combos, Counters, Spells and Playstyle.

HOK Arthur

Hero ClassFighter/Tank
Recommended LaneClash Lane
Team Fight PositionFront Row
SurvivabilityVery High
Damage Output abilityMedium

Arthur is a tank and fighter hero who acts like a fighter in the early game as he can deal a lot of damage and is a tank in the late game as he can tank alot. But, surprisingly, he is one of the Easiest heroes you can master, and he is also very effective inside the game. He can silence the enemy and knocks them up, which is a supreme skill to have as a friendly hero. I learned the game while playing only Arthur and later shifted to other heroes.


When the temple of the Knight of the Round Table was under attack, young traveller Arthur drew Excalibur-the sword in the stone-and defeated the invaders. From that day, Arthur was nominated as a ‘King Arthur’. Armed with the Excalibur, Arthur swore to protect the temple that symbolized the honor and dignity of the Knights of the Round Table. With a firm belief in the honor of Knights, he rallied the forces of Eventide Cathedral under his name.

Arthur Skills and Abilities:

Passive Skill: Holy Vanguard
Passive Skill: Holy Vanguard
– Recover 2% of his max health every 2s
– If his movement speed is reduced, he recovers 2% of max health every 2s instead
Skill 1: Valiant Charge
Skill1: Valiant Charge
– Enhance Basic Attack, gaining 30% Movement speed for 3s
– 180 Physical Damage, +100% Physical Attack and Silence the target for 1.25s
– Deal extra magical damage
– Grant 10% movement speed to allies
Skill 2: Whirling Strike
Skill2: Whirling Strike
– Summons orbiting holy shields, dealing 145 Physical Damage and +80% Physical attack.
Skill 3: Might of Excalibur
Skill3: Might of Excalibur
– Deal Magical Damage equal to 16% of the Max Health of enemy
– Holy Seal deal 85 Magical Damage for 5s

How to Play Arthur in HoK?

Arthur is a pretty easy-to-play hero. His skill 1 gives you Movement Speed and extra damage and silences enemies. His skill 2 spins a shield around him which damages the enemy. Therefore, you must consider the combo of Arthur and these playstyles and strategies to get a win in HoK matches:

  1. Use his skill 1 and skill 2 to trade with the enemy in the lane. 
  2. Arthur is pretty easy to Gank as you lack mobility in your kit, so be careful. 
  3. If you think your enemy is low enough, you can go in with your ult, as your ult deals magical damage equivalent to 16% of the enemy’s max hp. Your ult is very useful in team fights and to execute tanky targets, which are surviving with low health. 
  4. Arthur is weak in the early game hero as he lacks mobility and gets Ganked alot, but in late games, he becomes highly tanky. Therefore, gather his every item until he becomes a tank.
  5. Always peel for your carry during teamfight, use the ult of Arthur well and most importantly, use his skill 1 to silence the assassin, who is coming for your marksman, which will mess up their combo. 
  6. Arthur is the easiest hero in the game, so try to learn the game’s macro while playing it, as its mechanics are pretty easy to get used to.
Arthur Combos:

These are the combos of Arthur in Honor of Kings:

  1. Skill 1 + Skill 2 + Ult (Main Combo)
  2. Skill 2 + Skill 1
  3. Skill 1 + Ult + Execute

His combos are really simple and easy to learn. You can learn it while playing it for the first time also. 

Arthur Counters:

Here are some best heroes who can counter Arthur in HoK:

Counter HeroesDescription
Prince of Lanling
Prince of Lanling
Prince of Lanling can perfectly Gank clash lane to make Arthur weak from the early game.
Lam Honor of kings
Lam is also a good assassin and a hero with good Gank potential, so you can use him to Gank his lane constantly to kill Arthur.
Marco Polo Honor of Kings
Marco Polo
Marco Polo is a True damage dealer hero, so if he maintains proper distance from Arthur in the late game, he can counter Arthur in Honor of Kings.
Private Ear
Fang can use her skill 1 on Arthur and burst him low enough if Fang has a physical pierce item.
Chemist has the best late game, as he can deal constant magic damage to the tank.

Judge Dee
Although Arthur is a tank, he is weak against Judge Dee, as his ult reduces the physical and magical resistance in the late game.

Lu Bu
Lu Bu deals true damage, which is really essential against Tank heroes like Arthur.

Nuwa can deal lots of magic damage to Arthur from far as Arthur lacks gap close, but she has to build a magic pierce item.
Lin Xin Honor of Kings
Li Xin
Li Xin is best during the laning phase, so he can easily counter Arthur in the lane if played well.
Best/Worst Heroes to play with:

Here are the best and worst teammates of Arthur in HoK

Best HeroesWorst Heroes
Marco Polo, Diaochan, Han Xin, Judge Dee, Monkey KingChemist, Kong Ming, Juniper, Seafarer
Heroes weak against Arthur:

Tanky Arthur is strong against and can counter these heroes in HoK:

  1. Zhao Yun, 
  2. Luban no. 7
  3. Peacekeeper, 
  4. Solarus
  5. Berserker

Arthur Item/Equipment Build:

Arthur literally has to go in and tank for the team alot, so getting boots of resistance is a must in his build. After that, you can go for one physical damage-dealing item, which can give max hp for early game, but if you like, you can start with tank build also. I prefer damage build on Arthur in the early games to get through the hard part. After the first item, you can stack armor or magic resistance build depending on the enemy team comp. 

The best Physical items of Arthur in HoK are Axe of Torment and Runic Blade, whereas, to build him Defensive go for any of these equipments:

  • Blazing Cape, Ominous Premonition, Glacial Buckler, Spikemail, Succubus Cloak, Longnight Guardian, Sage’s Sanctuary, Frostcar’s Embrace, Overlord’s Platemail 

Overall, here are the perfect items in Honor of Kings to Build Arthur for most situations:

Honor of kings blazing cape item for arthur
Best item to build arthur in honor of kings

Boots of resistance+110 Magical Defense
+Movement Speed with 60%
+35 Resistance
Spikemail+30 Physical Attack
+360 Physical Defense
– Reflect DMG back to the enemy
– Deal Magical DMG
Blazing Cape+240 Physical Defense
+1000 Max Health
– Deal Magical DMG
Overlord’s Platemail+2000 Max Health
– Get Heal with a certain per cent
Forstscar’s Embrace+40 Physical Attack
+10% Cooldown Reduction
+500 Max Mana
+240 Physical Defense
+500 Max Health
Succubus Cloak+200 Magical Defence
+1000 Max Health
+100 Health/5s
Get Magical Damage absorbing shield

Arthur Arcana:

Hunter, eagle eye and mutation are the best HoK Arcana archives to build Arthur more powerful. These arcana will give you movement speed, attack speed, physical attack and physical pierce, which is very useful to Arthur in the early game.

best arcana of arthur in honor of kings
Honor of kings eagle's eye
Honor of Kings Mutation for Arthur

Arcana Build ItemsStats
Hunter+Attack Speed,
+Movement Speed
Eagle’s eye+Physical Attack,
+Physical Pierce
Mutation+Physical Attack
+Physical Pierce

Arthur Spell:

Best Arthur spell in honor of kings

Flash is always the best spell for Arthur in HoK, but you can execute it if you want to combo it with your ult and delete the enemy.

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