Genshin Impact Sumeru Guide: Everything About this Region

Genshin Sumeru

Sumeru is one of the seven regions in Teyvat that worships Lesser Lord Kusanali (Dendro Archon or Nahida). Sumeru is a place in Genshin Impact known as the Land of wisdom which you can unlock at AR 35 or higher by completing Archon Quest Prologue: Act I – The Outlander who Caught the Wind. We are introduced to Genshin Dendro Element Properly after we unlock the Sumeru. It is where our Traveler gets his 4th Elemental Power as Dendro.

All Archon Quest in Sumeru 

Till now, as for the 3.4 Update, there are a total of 5 Archon Quest in Genshin Impact, and they are:

  1. Chapter 3, Act 2: The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings  
  2. Chapter 3, Act 3: Dreams, Emptiness, Deception
  3. Chapter 3, Act 4: King Deshret and the Three Magi
  4. Chapter 3, Act 5: Ajasha Pulses, The Kalpa Flame Rises 
  5. Interlude Chapter, Act 3: Inversion of Genesis

These are all the Archon Quest added in Sumeru, and in the 3.5 Update, the new Archon quest is going to be added, which is Titled CARIBERT. 

Playable Characters from Sumeru

In Sumeru Region, there are many characters; there is a total of 13 in the number who are playable. After you unlock the Sumeru in Genshin Impact, you will find these characters:

Characters & RarityElementWeapon
Al Haitham (5-Star)Dendro VisionSword
Nahida (5-Star)Dendro ArchonCatalyst
Cyno (5-Star)Electro VisionPolearm
Nilou (5-Star)Hydro VisionSword
Tighnari (5-Star)Dendro VisionBow
Wanderer (5-Star)Anemo VisionCatalyst
Collie (4-Star)Dendro VisionBow
Candace (4-Star)Hydro VisionPolearm
Dori (4-Star)Electro VisionClaymore
Faruzan (4-Star)Anemo VisionBow
Layla (4-Star)Cryo VisionSword

The Upcoming Playable Sumeru Characters are:

Dheya (5*)Pyro VisionClaymore
Kaveh (4*)Dendro VisionClaymore

New Enemies in Sumeru Region

The Sumeru region brings a lot of Enemies into the game. Here are all the new Genshin Impact Enemies and the Bosses added in Sumeru Region:

The first enemy is Ruin Drake, a robotic mob with two type-Ruin Drake: Earthguard and Ruin Drake: Skywatch. When you defeat the Ruin Drake, they drop Chaos Bolt, Chaos Module and Chaos Storage.

The second Sumeru enemy is Eremite. There is a total of 12 types of Eremites and they are:

  1. Eremite Axe Vanguard
  2. Eremite Crossbow
  3. Eremite Ravenbeak Halberdier
  4. Eremite Linebreaker
  5. Eremite Sword-Dancer
  6. Eremite Desert Clearwater
  7. Eremite Sunfrost
  8. Eremite Daythunder
  9. Eremite Galehunter
  10. Eremite Stone Enchanter
  11. Eremite Scorching Loremaster
  12. Eremite Floral Ring-Dancer

When you defeat Eremite, they drop Rich Red Brocde, Trimmed Red Silk and Faded Red Satin.

Then we have different types of Fungus enemies in the Genshin Sumeru location and they are:

  1. Floating Hydro Fungus
  2. Floating Anemo Fungus
  3. Floating Dendro Fungus
  4. Floating Pyro Fungus
  5. Floating Electro Fungus
  6. Floating Cryo Fungus
  7. Stretchy Pyro Fungus
  8. Stretchy Anemo Fungus
  9. Stretchy Electro Fungus
  10. Stretchy Geo Fungus
  11. Grounded Hydroshroom
  12. Winged Dendroshroom
  13. Winged Cryoshroom
  14. Grounded Geoshroom

When you defeat these fungus enemies in Genshin Impact, they drop Fungal Spores, Luminescent Pollen, Crystalline Cyst Dust, Inactive Fungal, Nucleus, Dormant Fungal Nucleus and Robust Fungal Nucleus.

Then we have Primal Construct in Sumeru. There are 3 types of Primal Construct in total, and they are: 

  1. Primal Construct Repulsor
  2. Primal Construct Reshaper
  3. Primal Construct Prospector

When the Primal Construct is defeated, they drop Damaged Prism, Turbid Prism and Radiant Prism.

Moreover, the newly added mobs in Sumeru Genshin Impact, who deal a lot of DMG and are hard to kill are:

  1. Consecrated Red Vulture
  2. Consecrated Scorpion
  3. Consecrated Flying Serpent.

When you defeat these mobs, they drop Marked Shell, Sturdy Shell and Desiccated Shell.

New Sumeru Bosses

We have different latest bosses added to the Sumeru in Genshin, and here are all of them found in this region:

BossLocation to find
Electro RegisvineLokapala Jungle Region at a cave
Aeonblinght Drake Eastern Devantaka Mountains
Jadeplume TerrorshroomVissudha Field or Northeast Sumeru
Setekh Wenut Wenut Tunnels
Dendro Hypostasis Dar al-Shifa
Algorithm of Semi-Intransient Matrix of Overseer NetworkDesert of Sumeru

All Shrine of Depth in Sumeru

Shrine of Depth are the places to find a luxurious Chest in Genshin Impact. You need a Key to unlock this Shrine of Depth, which you will obtain from the Quest, Statue of the Seven and other places. Shrine of Depth gives you 40 Primogem each. There is a total of 9 Shrine of Depth till now for the 3.4 updates, and here is the location of these shrines of Depth in Sumeru:

Shrine of Depth genshin Impact: Luxurious Chest location
Spots to find Luxurious Chest in Genshin

All Craftable Weapons in Sumeru Genshin Impact

As with Every Region, Sumeru also has its Craftable weapon. To obtain the weapon Blueprint, you can go to Tree of Vanarana, where you can find Aravinay, who gives you all the blueprints of the weapons in Sumeru.

Here are all the craftable weapons you get from Aravinay in Genshin Impact:

Sapwood Blade

To craft Sapwood Blade, you will need these materials.

  1. 1 Midlander Sword Billet 
  2. 50 Crystal Chunk
  3. 50 Iron Chunk
  4. 500 Mora 
Forest Regalia 
Sumeru Craftable claymore

To craft forest regalia, you will need these materials:

  1. 1 Midlander Claymore Billet 
  2. 50 Crystal Chunk
  3. 50 Iron Chunk
  4. 500 Mora 
Fruit of Fulfillment 
Sumeru craftable catalyst

To forge fruit of fulfilment, you will need these materials:

  1. 1 Midlander Catalyst Billet 
  2. 50 Crystal Chunk
  3. 50 Iron Chunk
  4. 500 Mora 

To craft Moonpiercer, you will need these materials:

  1. 1 Midlander Polearm Billet 
  2. 50 Crystal Chunk
  3. 50 Iron Chunk
  4. 500 Mora 
King’s Squire 
Craftable bow in Sumeru Genshin Impact

To craft King’s Squire, you will need these materials:

  1. 1 Midlander Bow Billet 
  2. 50 Crystal Chunk
  3. 50 Iron Chunk
  4. 500 Mora 

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