Genshin Impact Rare Things that are Hard to Get

There are many things to do in Genshin Impact, many locations to explore, many gadgets to find, craft and use, many bosses to kill, and many more. However, you will need time and effort to find some items in the game– this article is all about it. So, here are the most rare things in Genshin Impact that are difficult to obtain:

1. Abyss Herald and Abyss Lector

Abyss Herald and Abyss Lector location genshin impact
Location to find Abyss Herald and Abyss Lector

Abyss is one of the Rarest Mobs in Genshin Impact, as you will find only 4 Abyss Herald and Abyss Lector located at Enkanomiya. There are 2 types of Abysses Herald which are:

Abyss Herald: Wicked Torrents 

The Wicked Torrents do Hydro Attacks and increase the CD of the character’s Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst with their attacks. They covered themselves with Hydro-Shield when their HP decreased below 20%. Cyro Element is the best character to defeat Wiked Torrents.

Abyss Herald: Frost Fall

Frost Fall does Cryo Attacks, and the DMG dealt by these Abyss Herald is a lot. They covered themselves with Cryo Shield when their HP is below 20%. Pyro Element is the best character to defeat Abyss Herald Frost Fall.

Similarly, there are 2 types of Abysses Lector which are:

Abyss Lector: Fathomless Flames 

Fathomless Flames uses Pyro ATK, and they have a certain ATK which will deal DMG to the Entire party, causing all the party members to lose their HP to 15%. They covered themselves with Pyro Shield when their HP is below 20%. The best character to defeat Fathomless Flame is a Hydro Element Character.

Abyss Lector: Violet Lightning 

Violet Lightning uses Electro ATK taking energy from the Character, which can be used to use Elemental Burst; therefore, dodge their Electro ATKs. They covered themselves with Electro Shield when their HP dropped below 20%. The best character to defeat Violet Lightning is a Pyro Element Character as well as Cryo Element Character.

When you defeat these rare mobs(Wicked Torrents, Frost Fall, Fathomless Flames, Violet Lightning ), they drop the following materials:

  1. Dead Ley Line Branch 
  2. Dead Ley Line Leaves 
  3. Ley Line Sprout 
  4. Gloomy Statuette
  5. Dark Statuette
  6. Deathly Statuette

2. Consecrated beast

Consecrated beast are the newly added powerful mob in Genshin Impact which are rare to find as they are only 14 in number. They are located only in the Desert Region of Sumeru.

Genshin Impact Consecrated beast location
Consecrated beast finding locations

The Red mark Indicates the Mob is at the surface. The Blue mark Indicates the Mob is Underground. You can find one Consecrated beast in Inazuma as well. There is a total of three types of Consecrated beasts which are:

  1. Consecrated Flying Serpent
  2. Consecrated Red Vulture 
  3. Consecrated Scorpion

So, Tt defeat these Consecrated beast enemies in Genshin, you want to have a Healer on the team, a shield Character and a Strong DPS, as they have High HP. When you defeat these mobs(Consecrated Flying Serpent, Red Vulture and Scorpion), they will drop the following material:

  1. Desiccated Shell
  2. Sturdy Shell 
  3. Marked Shell

3. Black Serpents

black serpent location

Black Serpents are also rare enemies in Genshin, which you can find only in Chasm Underground. There are a total of 13 Black Serpents locations in Genshin. There are a total of 5 types of Black Serpents which are:

  1. Black Serpent Knight: Rockbreaker Ax
  2. Black Serpent Knight: Windcutter
  3. Shadowy Husk: Standard Bearer
  4. Shadowy Husk: Defender
  5. Shadowy Husk: Line Breaker

These mobs are easier to defeat but hard to find– make sure you don’t use a Shielded character, as these mobs get an extra Buff if your character is using Shield.

When these Black Serpents are defeated, they drop the following materials:

  1. Gloomy Statuette
  2. Dark Statuette
  3. Deathly Statuette

4. Unusual Hilichurl

Unusual Hilichurl is also a Genshin rarest mob you can ever find. There are a total of 14 locations where Unusual Hilichurl can spawn, and out of 14 spots, it spawns at only there, which is hard to find. When the Hilichurl is defeated, it drops cabbage and Adventure EXP. Furthermore, this mob is the only mob in the entire Genshin Impact journey that drops Adventure EXP as a reward. Once you kill the Unusual Hilichurl, it respawns after 12hrs.

5. Strange Tooth 

Strange tooth location
location to find Strange tooth

Strange Tooth is a rare material in Genshin Impact found only in Dragonspine. There are only 4 locations to obtain Tooth.

 You can use Strange tooth recipe to Craft Dragonspine Spears.

6. Loach Pearl

Loach Pearl is the hardest material to obtain as you can collect it from salamanders, and due to its low number, it is considered a rare recipe. You can find Loach Pearl at this location:

loach pearl location
Loach pearl finding location

This material has been of no use till now–the only use of loach pearl is to use it in Parametric Transformer.

7. Chilled Meat 

Chilled Meat is one of the rare types of food item/recipe found in Genshin Impact to cook food. You can get it only in the Dragonspine area by defeating Snowboar, frozen in the Ice. Chilled meat can be used as a food material to cook dishes. Goulash is only one dish that you can cood by using chilled. Here are a few locations the where you can get Chilled meat:

8. Raime: Angle Fish 

Raime angle fish location
Location to find Raime Angle Fish

Raime Angle Fish is the rarest fish in Genshin Impact–There is only one location where you can find it. These Fishes take 3 days to respawn. So, you can use Raime: Angle Fish to get The Catch, a F2P weapon, one of the Strongest weapons.

9. Dark Iron Sword

Rare sword in genshin impact

Dark Iron Sword is a 3-star weapon in Genshin, and there is only one copy of this weapon in the entire game till now, which makes this weapon one of the rarest swords. You can get Dark Iron Sword from Chen the Sharp for free. It is located at Liyue City near the Liyue Harbor. 

10. Horsetail

Horsetail is a recipe which is used for making different Foods and crafting Fish Bait in the game. Due to its low spawn rate and hard to find, it is also considered a rare Genshin material. You will find Horsetail at these locations:

Horsetail location genshin impact

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