Genshin Impact Itto F2P Friendly Teams and Weapons

Itto, Arataki Itto, is a five-star gacha character that you can unlock through the event banner in Genshin. Itto is a Geo vision character who uses a claymore as his weapon. This guide is about the best weapons and team comp of Itto in Genshin Impact as a F2P player. 

How to Play Itto in Genshin?

As Itto is a geo vision character, he gets the most out of DMG from his Charged attack at full stack Superlative Superstrength, so at first, you want to use his Normal attack to stack his Superlative Superstrength. After you gain a full stack, you want to use his Elemental Burst, then do an Elemental Skill then you can use Itto’s Charged attack. Finally, at the end of your Elemental Burst, you want to use Elemental Skill again as Itto gains more Superlative Superstrength stacks and gets some Energy Particle.

Good F2P weapons choice for Itto in Genshin

1. Whiteblind
Best 4-star weapon of Itto

The Whiteblind is the perfect free-to-play 4-star sword for Itto because it has DEF% as its main stats. Its sub-stats give him a total of 24% of DEF% and 24% ATK boost on his Normal and Charged attacks. So, this ability is best for Itto to build as a F2P character.

2. Blackcliff Slasher
Blackcliff Slasher Sword for Itto as F2p

The Blackcliff Slasher is also a good F2P weapon option for Itto in Genshin Impact, as its main stats grant a lot of Crit DMG, which is really best to defeat the enemies. And as its sub-stats increase his ATK% up to 36%, which is also really nice compared to other four-star swords.

Best F2P Team of Itto in Genshin

1. Mono Pyro Geo Carry 
Mono Pyro Geo Carry: Itto Free-to-play team

This Free-to-play Mono Pyro Geo Carry team works well on Itto. You can pair Itto with Geo Traveller, who can be very useful in this scenario, and you want to have Xiangling and Bennett, who can buff the DMG by a lot.

2. Mono Electro Geo Carry
Itto Best F2P team: Mono Electro Geo Carry

The Mono Electro team can deal with a lot of DMG, considering it has 2 Electro off-field support. Geo Traveller gives a 15% extra Crit Rate, which can be used by other characters. Therefore, you can use this Geo pyor F2P team for your Itto character to get the maximum output in Genshin Impact. 

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