Genshin Dendro Hypostasis Guide and How to Defeat it

Dendro Hypostasis is a new boss added in Genshin Impact 3.2 update, and in this guide, we will talk about everything you need to know about him and some useful tips and tricks to beat him as quickly as possible.

About Dendro Hypostasis Boss

Dendro Hypostasis is a type of boss covered in Dendro Element, and when he attacks, his attacks are infused in Dendro, causing Dendro attacks. Here are the types of resistance hypostasis boss has got against different elements shown in the table below:

Element Resistance 

Here are the different types of attacks and Abilities Dendro Hypostasis does and how to counter them in Genshin:

1. Musky Orbs

Hypostasis boss throws three waves of orbs and deals 40% AoE Dendro DMG to characters. When the orbs hit the ground, it leaves a residue which will deal DMG to Character every 0.5s. You can dodge this attack easily by sprinting.

2. Whip Slash

Hypostasis changes its shape as a whip and attacks three times which deals 40%, 60% and 80% ATK as Dendro AoE DMG. You can dodge this attack easily by sprinting.

3. Plunge Attack

This boss changes its shape into a big ball, jumps up and does plunge ATK to the character 3 times. The first two ATK deals are 70%, and the last one deals 100% Dendro AoE DMG. If you use a Pyro attack, the Dendro boss will burn and interrupt its attack.

4. Spike Attack

It will send a spike to the standing point of your character in the game. Also, it sends these spikes 4 times which will deal 20% Dendro AoE DMG. If you use a Pyro attack, it will burn and interrupt its attack.

5. Vine Jail

It will create a vine circle at a certain point that gradually comes near to the centre and Deal 10% ATK each time your character touches it. After the vines reach the centre, they will explode, which deals with a lot of DMG.

You can dodge this ability of Dendro Hypostasis either by going out of its radius of it before the vines grow or using Pyro ATK to burn the vine and get out of its reach.

6. Revival Phase

When the Hypostasis reaches 5% HP, it goes into the revival phase, where it will summon 3 restoration pits, and a cleansing bar appears at its HP bar. To stop Hypostasis from reviving, you want to fill the cleansing bar. To fill the cleansing bar as fast as possible, you want to use an Electro and a Dendro-type character. Apply Dendro to the pit, then use Electro element–this way, you can fill the bar the fastest way.

Location Of Dendro Hypostasis

Dendro Hypostasis is in Sumeru at Dar al-Shifa, and you can get to this boss by using teleport, as shown in the picture at Land of Lower Setekh. After teleporting there, you want to turn east and follow the path, and you will find Dendro Hypostasis.

Best Team to Defeat Dendro Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

Since Dendro Hypostasis is a boss who is always infused with Dendro Element; therefore, playing with the relevant team composition is one of the best ways to knock him. 

The best characters you want to have in your team to kill the Hypostasis boss are a Pyro, one Electro, and one Dendro is recommended for the revival phase to fill the cleansing bar. 

Overall, To defeat Dendro Hypostasis, you want to use these Main Dps, Sub Dps, Healer and Support Characters in your team comp:

  1. Main DPS (Hu Tao, Diluc, Raiden Shogun etc) 
  2. Sub DPS (Yelan, Xiangling, Yae Miko etc)
  3. Healer (Kokomi, Bennett, Barbara etc)
  4. Support (Tighnari, Nahida, Dendro Traveler etc)
Rewards after Killing Hypostasis

These are the rewards Dendro Hypostasis will give when he is defeated:

  1. Gladiator’s Finale Artifacts 
  2. Wanderer’s Troupe Artifacts 
  3. Nadadus Emerald Gems
  4. Quelled Creeper

The main drop of Genshin Impact Dendro Hypostasis you will be looking for would be Pseudo- Stamen which you can use to level up characters related to Sumeru. Till now, only Nahida use it to level up, but in future, we can see other Genshin Impact characters using Pseudo to Level up.

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