Best Junglers in Honor of Kings | Top 5 

There are different roles in Honor of Kings– Assassins, Fighter, Jungle, Mid, Adc and support, but in this article, we will list the best Junglers. 

The jungle is the most impactful role in the game, as you are not bound to any lane and can help any teammate you desire. So it is no surprise many high-ranking players are jungle masters. They get to decide the pace of the game and outcome with their ganks and are the ones who get the objectives for the team, which puts their team in a position to win. If you are looking to play this impactful role and can allow you to get wins, then I would suggest you pick these 5 Jungle heroes in Honor of Kings:

1. Ukyo Tachibana

Ukyo Tachibana Honor of Kings jungler

Ukyo Tachibana, an assassin hero, is one of the best junglers in HoK. He is known for having the fastest clear in the game, which puts him in an unfair advantage in the early stages as he can clear jungle camps, which gives him extra time to Gank other lanes and impact the map. 

Tachibana also has very-low cooldown abilities. Unlike many other heroes, he doesn’t have any mana, which is another advantage because he can easily spam his abilities without worrying about his mana bar. Also, Ukyo has two dashes which allow him to catch up to enemies or escape any sticky situation. 

In addition, he deals burst damage which he can use to easily one-shot any enemy Carrys. His ultimate also makes him have lots of lifesteal, making him very hard to deal with in a 1vs1 situation. So, all of these reasons make Ukyo Tachibana a Very Strong jungler in Honor of Kings.

2. Kai

Kai: Hero for jungle role

Kai is a fighter/tank in HoK who is the tankiest Jungler on this list. He is one of the few heroes in Honor of Kings that can build Full damage, while High damage is unfair to play against and gives him an advantage over other junglers.

Kai is fairly weak in the early stage, but when he gets to the farm and gets 2-3 Full items, he truly shines. He is also easy to use and has a slow knockup which helps him Gank lanes easier. Also, his ultimate boosts his defence stats to make him a hard-to-kill jungle tank.

Moreover, he can soak tons of damage for your team and peel for the Carries on your team. In conclusion, Kai is very weak in the early game but becomes super strong later, so make sure to play extra safe in the early game, farm and get items.

3. Jing

Jing: Best Jungler

Jing(Mirrorblade) is also a powerful assassin jungler who has multiple dashes and is Popular in almost every ranked game. Her mobility and ultimate ability make her a beast when played in the right hands. She is a popular pick in ranked games because of her ability to clear objectives and rotate quicker. Also, she can easily one-shot Burst any enemy carry.

However, I would not recommend Jing if you are new to the jungle role in HoK, as you will find it difficult to play her properly. She is the hardest jungler to play in this tier which is her biggest weakness.

4. Miyamoto Musashi

Miyamoto Musashi

Miyamoto Musashi is one of the deadliest warrior heroes in the game, so he is the top priority pick in ranked games for the jungle role. He is also easy to use and fun to play with. His abilities are very low cooldown which lets him clear jungle camps faster.

Any marksman or mage who gets caught on his ultimate will get deleted by him. Miyamoto Hero is one of the best junglers for solo-rank players who want 1vs9 in any game in Honor of Kings.

5. Lam

Lam Honor of Kings

Lam is by far the strong hero OP for Jungle in Hok. He is getting banned or picked in every game for good reasons. He has a very high skill ceiling, tons of dashes and lifesteal and is hard to use.

Lam is not much OP, but users make him the best jungler utilizing his skills properly. Because of the pulling effect of his ultimate, he becomes a danger to any hero. Lam has everything needed to be the perfect HoK jungler, but it depends on the player. So if you are up for the challenge, I recommend playing Lam in the Jungle. However, like many hyper Carry in the game, you need to focus heavily on farming because he is useless without any items and can’t do anything.

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