Aatrox LoL Wild Rift: Best Item Build, Runes, Spells, Counters

Aatrox is the LoL Wild Rift fighter champ who performs best in the baron lane or jungle. He is known for his annoying Sustain and Healing and ability to almost 1vs5 the enemy team.

He also has a unique playstyle where when you are playing him, you can not always play safe and have to play aggressively and always look for play. Overall, Aatrox is a strong champion at all stages of the game.

All About LoL Wild Rift Aatrox

How to play Aatrox by using his Combo?

Aatrox has a lot of damage, healing, mobility and crowd control that you can use to take many advantages. For instance, in the laning phase, get a lead and then use that lead to group up with your teammates around main objectives and give massive damage to the enemy team.

Aatrox has a pretty straight-forward combo that is dashing in into the enemy’s face and using your second ability, so they get pulled back into you. You can follow it up with two more stunning them for the maximum amount.

You can also use ult if the enemies are running to get a burst of movement speed.

Blood Moon Aatrox (Aatrox's Skin)
Blood Moon Aatrox (Aatrox’s Skin)

Aatrox’s Counters and Weakness

Aatrox does not have much weakness for now. But some champions that can counter Aatrox in Wild Rift are those with lots of kiting skills and mobility, as it will be hard for aatrox to land any of his abilities if the champion keeps on dashing.

Another flaw of aatrox is Aanti Healing. Almost all of Aatrox’s sustain is from his insane healing, so anti-heal pretty much counters Aatrox.

Moreover, Aatrox champ is strong against Sion, Olaf, Diana, Fizz, Shen and Dr Mundo, and he is weak against Zed, Akali, Vex, Jax and Sett.

Best Item Build of Aatrox in LoL Wild Rift

Aatrox's item build

Aatrox uses a mixture of damage and tank items that work well to help with his damage and life. A black cleaver is an excellent first-item build that gives aatrox both damage and health. It also helps with aatrox passive and gives extra movement speed.

Steraks gage is an excellent tank item for aatrox that increases his base attack damage and gives him a shield when he is low on health.

Aatrox’s third best item will be the death dance for the extra armor and healing, followed by a spirit visage for magic resist and more healing. The final best item will either be a Deadman’s plate or a guardian angel.

Aatrox’s Best Runes

Best Runes of Aatrox in Wild rift

Conqueror is one of the best runes of Aatrox in LoL Wild Rift. Aatrox is a fighter, so he wants to get in the enemy’s face and attack constantly. This rune allows him to get stacks pretty fast, which means he can deal more damage.

His second rune is a triumph, as you’ll be in fights jumping on the backline to kill the enemy Carries. And your third rune will be hunter titan for the extra health and tenacity, followed by honey fruit for sustain.

Aatrox’s Best Spells

Aatrox's best spell in Wild RIft

Flash and ignite is always the perfect spell for Aatrox in LoL Wild Rift. However, you can also go flash and smite while playing aatrox in the jungle.

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