10 Best Arcade games for Android and iOS

Arcade games are a type of video game that consists of simple mechanisms and controls. These are also public games you can find in places such as arcade bars, restaurants and others. Although arcade games are easy to play, they are a bit difficult to master. So, here are the 10 best Arcade games for your Android and iOS mobile:

1. Minesweeper 

You might have played the Minesweeper game on your PC in the back days, but now it is also available on mobile. Minesweeper is a fan-favourite classic arcade puzzle game for Android and Apple phones. It is a single-player game where the player must clear the minefield without detonating any hidden mines. The game objective is to locate and mark all the mines hidden in a grid of squares. By using logic and deduction player has to determine a square and win the game.

2. Street fighter IV CE

Street fighter IV Champion Edition is a mobile fighting game based on the popular arcade game Streetfighter. Even though it’s a mobile version, it contains all features and gameplay modes from the console version. This game includes various modes like arcade, Versus, Training and challenge with different gameplay styles. This game also features a large number of characters, each with its own unique moves and special attacks. 

3. Galaga wars

Galaga Wars is a modern version of the classic arcade game Galaga. It is one of the fun-to-play arcade shooting games where players control a spaceship and must defeat waves of alien invaders. The objective is to survive as long as possible and earn a high score. In this game, players control a spaceship that can move left and right and fire at incoming alien ships. Players can earn extra points by destroying multiple ships and special bonus ships. 

4. Pinball Deluxe: Reloaded

We are continuing the list of the 10 best arcade games, and Pinball Deluxe: falls in the fourth number. It is the mobile version of the classical Pinball game developed by Made of Bits. You can enjoy this best arcade game on your Android and iPhone. In this game, flippers are used to keep the steel ball in play and gain points by hitting various targets. This game includes realistic physics and sound effects, making it fun to play.

5. Tetris

Tetris is the best puzzle arcade game of all time that you can play on Android and iOS. It is a tile-matching game where players must rotate and place falling blocks and create complete lines. The mobile version of the Tetris game contains a similar mechanism as the classical Tetris game. The objective is to score as many points as possible by clearing lines. Players can rotate the blocks and fill the gaps to get more scores. Overall, this arcade game is best for every age group, including kids. 

6. Pac-Man

Pac-Man is a classic arcade game for mobile that can make your free time relaxing. It is a maze game where players control the character called Pac-Man. The Pac-man moves through a maze eating dots on the map while avoiding bombs/ghosts. The mobile version of Pac-Man has a similar mechanism and gameplay as in the classic arcade version. The main objective of this game is to score as many points as possible by eating dots and other items that appear on the maze map. 

7. Crossy road

Another best mobile arcade game for leisure time is Crossy Road. It is an arcade runner game where players control a character, usually a chicken. Here the players attempt to cross a busy road and a river while avoiding obstacles such as cars and logs. The objective is to score as many points as possible by crossing the road and the river as many times as possible without getting hit by an obstacle. Players can also collect coins to unlock new characters and play with them. 

8. Super Mario run

In this arcade game, the player control Mario as he runs through various environment in the game while avoiding obstacles. The player can collect coins and power-ups while running in the game. The game features multiple modes; world tour, kingdom builder and Toad Rally. The objective of the game varies with the mode player has selected. 

9. Gold Miner Classic: Gold Rush

It is a single-player mining game for phones based on the classic arcade game. The main objective of this game is to collect all the gold and precious items. The player must avoid obstacles and other unnecessary objects while mining.

10. Space Invaders

It is a premium classic mobile game based on the classical arcade space invaders. This game features several aliens that move across the screen in a formation, and the players have to control the laser cannon at the bottom of the screen. Players must shoot down the aliens before reaching the bottom of the screen. As the game progresses, the alien pattern becomes more complex and complex.

In conclusion, all those 10 arcade games mentioned in this article are for Android and Apple devices such as iPhones and iPad. Any age group can play them in their free time.

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